May 16, 2010

Weekends Highlights

  • Listening to my kids giggle and laugh till their eyes teared up at what my hair did while driving with the windows down on the highway

  • Driving past a sign that informed me that May is, and I quote, "ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN AWARENESS MONTH". Wow...super good to know. Let's all celebrate all the asian pacific americans we know this month cuz IS their month. Seriously?!?!?!

  • Getting 2 full unbothered hours of nothing but cuddle time with my husband. We had an exhausting week and after the wedding we came home, put the kids to bed and then just flung our tired bodies on the bed. We laid there in each others arms all yummy and talked and rested. I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open, and every now and then I would open my eyes to find my hubby just watching me sleep. I asked him what he was thinking...of course cuz that's what us wives do...and he said he was just thinking how much he loves me. He also said he was remembering how ten years ago all he could do was kiss me, and he would, until I would fall asleep in his arms. It would be 4 a.m. and he would just hold me and watch me sleep. I had no idea of course, cuz I was sleeping. I love him so much...and that was a sweet memory! I am not sure I can tell him how much I love him...but hopefully he kinda knows!

  • My lil sister's wedding was of course a highlight. Sadly, I forgot my camera on the desk and do not have one picture. I am so happy for her. She looked gorgeous in her awesome dress. They were married in a cute reception center and Miss Madysen got to be the flower girl. As soon as they started to play "Canon in D" I started to bawl watching my lil girl sprinkle petals down the aisle. I felt better as Leah, Nan and Ash were all tearing up as well...thanks girls hehe! The ceremony was nice and so was the dinner. It was a perfect day outside and such a nice day for a wedding! Now they are heading off on a cruise and wonderful honeymoon...I am only totally jealous!

  • Saturdays in spring bring soccer and lots of it! Cooper scored a goal today and had such a blast playin! Even if the treats are the real reason he plays :). Madysen played super hard and assisted in two different goals! I am so happy my kids are learning to love to be active and play sports. I think there is a lot of good that comes from playing nice and being on a team..not to mention physical fitness!

  • We expanded our garden this weekend. It is nothing compared to the farmland we have going on behind us, but it is triple the size it was before. I feel pretty good about we'll see if anything grows. I am not a professional gardner by any stretch of the imagination, but it is pretty rewarding growing something you can actually go outside and pick and eat. Pray for my garden for me will ya...thanks. It can use LOTS of help. Promise you'll pray? Ok then...

  • While sitting out one quarter of her game, Madysen, Matt and I were quietly listening to the "I wanna be a billionaire" song. After the part about Oprah, Matt asked Madysen, "Who is Oprah? Are you Oprah?" To which Madysen rolled her eyes at him and replied, "NO DAD. Oprah is a brown person." I tried to contain my laughter as best I could, but I won't lie, it was SO not easy.

  • We had a bbq and ate outside Saturday night. There are so few days that you can eat's either too cold, too hot or too mosquito infested to enjoy. Saturday was none of that. It is so amazing how the same food, on the same plates eaten just 20 feet away on a different table can be so much more fun. My kids thought it was the greatest surprise of their lives! And as a bonus...ALL 3 (yup Madysen too) ate artichokes with us! Wow...a green veggie...I nearly died! It was wonderful!

  • I let go a little as a mom. I know I one can believe that. But its we were working in the yard Judd refused to keep his shoes on. I fought it for the first half hour, and then just let it go. He went around for hours, riding bikes, playing in dirt, just being boy...completely shoeless. I am sure he loved it, and I lived. Course now I have to scrub the tub :(

  • Sunday I made the perfect dinner for the fam...everything from scratch...roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, fruit salad, corn and homemade rolls. I did this while everyone slept. When Matt got up, I sarcasticallly said "Thanks for the help". He let me know several times (and Heavenly Father too) how thankful he was for a yummy dinner. I didn't mean to make him feel guilty...but it was kinda funny anyway! Love that man! **wink wink**
Overall, a perfect weekend. Great weather, great memories, great food and time well spent. I long for and look forward to the "My family only" weekends when its just the 5 of us hanging out, playing and working together. They are already too rare and something about them just always feels so good and so right! I think we'll plan another one for next weekend :)


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