February 28, 2011

A New Day For Me

Today is an exciting day for me!
After months of praying and pondering...
I have decided it is time for me to go back to school and finish up my education!
- - - - -
Not for any particular reason
- - - - -
I am not searching for a job or a change in my life.
- - - - - -
This is just something I have ALWAYS wanted to finish.
I am not a quitter, I am a finisher.
- - - - -
But my life didn't exactly go as planned in the middle of college so it was put on the backburner while I had my kids.
- - - - -
The wait is almost over...

Today I applied and had transcripts sent over and found out some

All my previous 44 credit hours from my first year will transfer with me!




I nearly cried with joy!

What has been really surprising has been people's reactions around me!
- - - - -
 I genuinely thought that most people would seem excited and happy for me, but instead I have felt really critisized and selfish and that I am not thinking this all the way through.

I know it is a HUGE decision. I know that college is hard and a lot of work.

I also know I can do it!

- - - - -
Anyone who thinks differently can send me their fax #
and will get a copy of my diploma in the future :)
- - - - -
 Matt and I both know it is the right decision. He is overly supportive even. He knows it has always been a goal of mine and I sacrificed my education for his. Now its finally my TURN!
- - - - -
For the few of you who have been super supportive, I can't thank you enough.
- - - - -
But if there is one thing everyone who knows me is
DO NOT tell me I can't do something.
- - - - -
 I promise I will prove ya wrong ;)
So here we go!
I have a few more things to work on, but the hard part is over.
The decision is made and I am so excited for the challenge.
 I have always wanted to have the chance to go back and finish what I started,
 so this August, it BEGINS!
- - - - -
Wish me luck! Or not... ;)


My lil sister also started school this week and I am
SOO Proud of her and her choice! I know you'll be great Ash!!

February 18, 2011

Lil Friday Morning Pick Me Up

So this is my chair.

It sits in a corner in my bedroom.

I have always thought it was cute.. and yet it has always bothered me that it seemed to need a lil something more.

- - - - - -

After a free five dollar coupon to Joann's Fabrics floating around the www yesterday, I decided that today was the day!
I found this darling fabric in my room colors...

Never before have I EVER like paisley...but this one somehow passed the test :)
And seriously...
WHO doesn't LOVE zebra?!?!
So I took kids to school and whipped up this puppy!
- - - - -
I had a throw pillow a billion years ago with a tie and I loved it.
So pattern free...this was my recreation attempt.
- - - - -
Not exactly like my last one...but I like it! just didn't feel quite complete.
- - - - -
So I headed back to Hobby Lobby and paid 1.30 for this chocolate brown felt.
- - - - -
An hour later...we had this!
Together at last
Two peas in a pod
- - - - -
I think they look quite happy together :)
I am such a sucker for ruffles...but rufflie throw pillows are like $30+ for the mediocre ones
- - - - -
I gotta say, this was a $1.30 well spent.
Happy Friday!
Hope you are all planning a super fun President's Day weekend!!! :)
- - - - -
Hopefully next week my friend Michelle and I can get together and do some seriously amazing pillows for my basement. She is the pillow queen!

February 15, 2011

Family Valentine's Dinner :)

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day at our house this year!
- - - - -
We always do a fun dinner with the fam for Vday because I really hate going out to dinner when ten million other people are!
- - - - -
I set the table up for a fun evening...
I made homemade vegan chocolate cupcakes so Judd could have some too!
- - - - -
Don't be afraid of the name...they were actually AMAZING and delish!
Several years ago a friend of mine had supplies at a girl's night to make these darling Valentine's baskets!
- - - - -
We have used them ever since!
I filled them with everyone's favorite goodies!
Of course the house was all decorated and ready for a party...
I am who I am! :)

We had red bubbly...
And pink pizza shaped like a heart!
I made chicken bacon alfredo pizza and it was a HUGE hit!
The kids enjoyed riffling through their baskets...

We had a fun time!
My kids are so spoiled....thanks to my MOM!
- - - - -
She stopped by with a HUGE bag FULL of goodies for each of them!
- - - - -
We had a few neighbors over for cupcakes and called it an evening!

.....Well, atleast as far as this blog needs to know ;)......
Hope you had a fun day too!

February 10, 2011

 Are you ready for Valentine's Day?!?
- - - - -
Today at preschool was Judd's Party and he came home with a LOAD of joy!
 He was so excited!
- - - - -
There was almost as much as Christmas!
 We know how to party at Smarty Pants!
 This is the darling picture frame he made at school.
- - - - -
I will never know why but something about the nasty tasting conversation hearts just make me smile. They are just simply adorable!
Anyone else agree?!? haha
 This is Judd's Love Bug from school!
- - - - -
Kinda funny since his nickname is LoveBug!
He had a great time and is learning so much at preschool. Tuesday and Thursday are his favorite days!
- - - - -
Hope you are all ready for the big DAY!!!

February 8, 2011

Double C

My son Cooper is a very lucky boy!
- - - - -
His very best friend in the universe lives just 2 backyards away and they are very much inseperable.
- - - - -
Honestly, the two of them remind me of an engaged couple...counting down the minutes until they are together again. They never fight, they never run out of things to do with each other and they NEVER wanna go home and be apart.
- - - - -
I hope it NEVER changes
 They are both silly and think the EXACT same things are HILARIOUS
 Their birthdays are only a few hours apart! Amazing right?!?
- - - - - -
Though I am sure someday Cooper will remind him that HE is the older one ;)

 This one is for Robb
- - - - -
Yes that is your boy trying to kiss mine haha
 Each afternoon we here a lil KNOCK KNOCK before the door opens and in comes Crewster! Cooper dashes for the door like there is a fire, and they pick up exactly where they left off the day before!

These two are the epitomy of BFF
- - - - -
The Double C's
Cooper and Crew (ster)
- - - - -

February 4, 2011

Heavenly Questions

So I got the most hilarious email today and HAD to share with everyone
- - - - -
Wouldn't you laugh if this were the churches by you?!?

And last but not least...

Hope you got a chuckle!
Have a great weekend!!!