October 31, 2010


We have had THE most FUN week of Halloween EVER!!
- - - - -
Yesterday was no exception!
- - - - -
We started off our day carving pumpkins together!
- - - -
I LOVE the moments of being in our jammies together doing something the kids enjoy. They are so easy to please. I always fear I am going to turn around and they won't wanna be around us I TREASURE these moments
Judd was HILARIOUS! He just wanted to gut his pumpkin, put the junk back inside, and carve it out again
- - - - -
He did that for about an hour and then decided he was his never even was carved haha
Coop also loved taking out the seeds etc from his pumpkin, but he drew his own face on his pumpkin and then we carved out a silly kindergarden drawn face! It was SO him!
Miss Madysen picked a witches pot of brew for her pumpkin...YEAH for Daddy! :)
We had LOTS of fun! Especially Matt....
Then we watched a movie and went to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Richins. Kids ate free at Winger's so we went there for dinner. While we were there it started to rain! Grrrr
- - - - -
Rain is SO not ideal for trick or treating, but eventually it turned to a sprinkle and we got all costumed up and headed out to beg neighbors for candy :)

The kids went for MILES. Literally 2 hours and many, many blocks. Judd had to pee twice, once in the dark on someone's lawn (that was ALL Matt, I was a little mortified)
- - - - -
Then we came home, dried off, put jammies back on and dumped out THE MOTHER LOAD of candy!
Overall, this was a fabulous day for our lil fam!
Happy Halloween to you all!

Class Parties

Thursday started off with LOTS of fun Halloween for each kid!
- - - - -
Unfortunately, Judd and Cooper had parties at the same time, so I only have pictures of Judd's :(
- - - - -
We had lots of fun at preschool and it was so DARLING to see each of them arrive in their costumes!
Judd is such a goof-ball! Always doing anything he can to make everyone laugh!
They played with bright orange playdoh and potato parts to make their own crazy pumpkins!
Then they decorated their pumpkins with markers and stickers!
We had tons of fun, read books, watched movies and ate yummy snacks! Juddie had a ball!
Then we ate lunch and flew to Madysen's party
- - - - -
Sadly I was SUPER BUSY from the second I walked in the door until recess so I only got pics of the aftermath haha
- - - - -
Obviously by the MESS we had a blast!
I came up with a few fun crafts
- - - - -
Like these fun spider bracelets with googly eyes. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for the internet when trying to come up with fun things for class parties!
Then we made these spider trick-ot-treat candy holders! They turned out SO CUTE
- - - - -
We also filled pop bottles with a little water and let the kids throw small pumpkins at them for PUMPKIN BOWLING. I didn't get a pic of that but it sounded SUPER fun!
Overall, It was a BLAST of a day!
- - - - -
Although, by 3pm I needed 4 ibuprofen and a Diet Cherry Pepsi BAD
- - - - -
Thank goodness for people willing to be teachers ALL DAY LONG
- - - - -
Kudos to you all...I could never do it haha!

October 29, 2010

Happy 6th Coop Man!

So keeping in line with the being atleast a week behind in blogging at all times theme...
- - - - -
Here is Cooper's 6th birthday party!
- - - - -
He wanted a PIRATE themed party SUPER bad this year and so PIRATE is what we have!
- - - - -
I made him these fun cupcakes...

And we dressed everyone up as PIRATES

A friend of ours has a bounce house business in the family and kindly let us borrow it for a few hours!
- - - - -
Needless to say it was a GIANT hit with the kids

We had lots of friends, neighbors and cousins. Coop and his BFF Crew are only one day apart so we combined their party! Thankfully Crewster had no troubles adapting to Cooper's preplanned PIRATE theme!
- - - - -
We played lots of fun games, besides the bounce house. Here is Madysen playing WALK THE PLANK
Then we sent them on a SUPER fun treasure hunt throughout the yard!
We had our AMAZING face painting artists, Lacee and Gage, whip up some pretty impressive PIRATEY face decals! Thanks were AWESOME
Here is a CLASSIC shot of John boy! Gotta love him!
Then a lil Happy Birthday singin and blowing out the candles!

Then the real fun...
- - - - -

They both received so MANY fun gifts! It was a super fun party that didn't end for three days for Mr. Cooper!
- - - - -
Happy Birthday Son! I love you SO much more than you know...and I CAN'T believe it has already been SIX years!
- - - - -

October 27, 2010

Halloween Field Trip Fun

Both my boys were able to go on the same field trip...just one day apart! I was able to go chaperone each one and it was SO SUPER fun! They each had a wonderful time!
- - - - -
Here is my Judd bug ready for his big first day!
They started with a fun hay ride and were dropped off in the fields to pick any pumpkin they would like!
- - - - -
Judd ran around the fields for atleast ten minutes before picking this one!
Once you found your pumpkin, you called up FARMER JASON who would come and cut it off the vine
Here he is on the hayride back holding his BELOVED pumpkin
Then we went into the FUN ZONE
- - - - -
Judd's first stop was the COW TRAIN
- - - - -
We were stuck here for atleast 40 minutes...Judd wouldn't get off!
He would get off long enough to pick a new barrel to ride in...
Then he was off again!
Seriously...he rode this AWESOME train atleast 9 times before I convinced him to move on to some of the other fun things the farm offered!
There was a CORN BOX
- - - - -
Kinda like a sandbox, but corn kernel instead. SUPER cute
Then we headed to the BIG SLIDE
- - - - -
Judd LOVED this too! Another half hour goes by....haha
Last but not least, the awesome rubber HORSE SWING
- - - -
Isn't this creative and adorable!
Day Two
- - - - -
Cooper's turn...he was BEYOND thrilled about the bus ride.
- - - - -
Much to his surprise, the field trip was actually even MORE fun than the bus ride haha
We started out the same way, on a hayride, dropped into the patch and off to find the PERFECT pumpkin!
The perfect one at last!
Then he hit the COW TRAIN...though only twice and he was ready to move on!
- - - - -
Seriously, this was a bunch of hollowed out water barrels painted to look like farm animals pulled by a 4 wheeler, and yet was the MOST GENIUS idea ever!
Then Cooper and his buddies wanted to fly down the BIG SLIDE!
All in all, WAY TOO much fun for both boys, both day!
- - - - -
Hope you have all had a great Halloween season too!

October 19, 2010

UEA Weekend

My kids all had a great 4 day weekend!
- - - - -
I forget how TOTALLY easy my children are to please! All they talked about was what a fun fun weekend we had and it was SO not much
- - - - -
Thursday I took them to a park and sat and watched movies with them.
- - - - -
 Friday I took them to a WAY MORE FUN park, invited friends, had a picnic then we headed to the pumpkin patch at our local nursery.
- - - - -
Here they are in line waiting for the tractor. They were all 3 so excited!
We had to search and search for the perfect one!
- - - - -
Hard stuff when there was SO many to choose from!
I love to snap a shot when my lil men are matching
We whittled it down to about 7 but could only take 2 home
- - - - -
Decisions decisions!
After much dileberation we had to let this one come home with us!
- - - - -
Matt's favorite part is getting to carry them all!
Aren't my kids adorable
- - - -
JK Mom's get no vote :)
But I love to get a glimpse of how much Madysen and Juddie look alike
After the patch we had dinner and went and got dessert as a family!
- - - - -
Then we moved on to Saturday!
- - - - -
SOCCER started first thing Saturday morning, about 8:30!
Both kids played at the same time so I was only able to get Coops pics this time!
Their season is done until spring so here are a few shots of Coopie's last game
Cooper has come SUCH a LONG way since last year.
- - - - -
He is MUCH better at moving the ball and learning to pass to his teammates
- - - - -
He scored FOUR goals just this game!
Here is their final cheer of the season!
- - - - -
Way to go Lions!
You guys have been on FIRE!!!
We spent the rest of the weekend playing as a family, eating out and having a great time with friends and neighbors! It was super nice to have a break from homework and carpools for just a few days!