October 31, 2010

Class Parties

Thursday started off with LOTS of fun Halloween for each kid!
- - - - -
Unfortunately, Judd and Cooper had parties at the same time, so I only have pictures of Judd's :(
- - - - -
We had lots of fun at preschool and it was so DARLING to see each of them arrive in their costumes!
Judd is such a goof-ball! Always doing anything he can to make everyone laugh!
They played with bright orange playdoh and potato parts to make their own crazy pumpkins!
Then they decorated their pumpkins with markers and stickers!
We had tons of fun, read books, watched movies and ate yummy snacks! Juddie had a ball!
Then we ate lunch and flew to Madysen's party
- - - - -
Sadly I was SUPER BUSY from the second I walked in the door until recess so I only got pics of the aftermath haha
- - - - -
Obviously by the MESS we had a blast!
I came up with a few fun crafts
- - - - -
Like these fun spider bracelets with googly eyes. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for the internet when trying to come up with fun things for class parties!
Then we made these spider trick-ot-treat candy holders! They turned out SO CUTE
- - - - -
We also filled pop bottles with a little water and let the kids throw small pumpkins at them for PUMPKIN BOWLING. I didn't get a pic of that but it sounded SUPER fun!
Overall, It was a BLAST of a day!
- - - - -
Although, by 3pm I needed 4 ibuprofen and a Diet Cherry Pepsi BAD
- - - - -
Thank goodness for people willing to be teachers ALL DAY LONG
- - - - -
Kudos to you all...I could never do it haha!

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