October 31, 2010


We have had THE most FUN week of Halloween EVER!!
- - - - -
Yesterday was no exception!
- - - - -
We started off our day carving pumpkins together!
- - - -
I LOVE the moments of being in our jammies together doing something the kids enjoy. They are so easy to please. I always fear I am going to turn around and they won't wanna be around us I TREASURE these moments
Judd was HILARIOUS! He just wanted to gut his pumpkin, put the junk back inside, and carve it out again
- - - - -
He did that for about an hour and then decided he was his never even was carved haha
Coop also loved taking out the seeds etc from his pumpkin, but he drew his own face on his pumpkin and then we carved out a silly kindergarden drawn face! It was SO him!
Miss Madysen picked a witches pot of brew for her pumpkin...YEAH for Daddy! :)
We had LOTS of fun! Especially Matt....
Then we watched a movie and went to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Richins. Kids ate free at Winger's so we went there for dinner. While we were there it started to rain! Grrrr
- - - - -
Rain is SO not ideal for trick or treating, but eventually it turned to a sprinkle and we got all costumed up and headed out to beg neighbors for candy :)

The kids went for MILES. Literally 2 hours and many, many blocks. Judd had to pee twice, once in the dark on someone's lawn (that was ALL Matt, I was a little mortified)
- - - - -
Then we came home, dried off, put jammies back on and dumped out THE MOTHER LOAD of candy!
Overall, this was a fabulous day for our lil fam!
Happy Halloween to you all!


michelle said...

I just love Halloween! Your kids were so cute! But I was hoping you would post a family pic, I only glimpsed you in the dark and we missed the ward party!

michelle said...

Yeah for the mama and papa M&M! I feel so much better! Did people give you a lot of M&M's?