October 27, 2010

Halloween Field Trip Fun

Both my boys were able to go on the same field trip...just one day apart! I was able to go chaperone each one and it was SO SUPER fun! They each had a wonderful time!
- - - - -
Here is my Judd bug ready for his big first day!
They started with a fun hay ride and were dropped off in the fields to pick any pumpkin they would like!
- - - - -
Judd ran around the fields for atleast ten minutes before picking this one!
Once you found your pumpkin, you called up FARMER JASON who would come and cut it off the vine
Here he is on the hayride back holding his BELOVED pumpkin
Then we went into the FUN ZONE
- - - - -
Judd's first stop was the COW TRAIN
- - - - -
We were stuck here for atleast 40 minutes...Judd wouldn't get off!
He would get off long enough to pick a new barrel to ride in...
Then he was off again!
Seriously...he rode this AWESOME train atleast 9 times before I convinced him to move on to some of the other fun things the farm offered!
There was a CORN BOX
- - - - -
Kinda like a sandbox, but corn kernel instead. SUPER cute
Then we headed to the BIG SLIDE
- - - - -
Judd LOVED this too! Another half hour goes by....haha
Last but not least, the awesome rubber HORSE SWING
- - - -
Isn't this creative and adorable!
Day Two
- - - - -
Cooper's turn...he was BEYOND thrilled about the bus ride.
- - - - -
Much to his surprise, the field trip was actually even MORE fun than the bus ride haha
We started out the same way, on a hayride, dropped into the patch and off to find the PERFECT pumpkin!
The perfect one at last!
Then he hit the COW TRAIN...though only twice and he was ready to move on!
- - - - -
Seriously, this was a bunch of hollowed out water barrels painted to look like farm animals pulled by a 4 wheeler, and yet was the MOST GENIUS idea ever!
Then Cooper and his buddies wanted to fly down the BIG SLIDE!
All in all, WAY TOO much fun for both boys, both day!
- - - - -
Hope you have all had a great Halloween season too!


Tammy said...

You are definitely the Pumpkin Patch Mom...there's a little girl that lives with me that won't stop talking about how many times you've gone and how many times she hasn't...Also, Gage was mighty impressed with your costumes...He couldn't believe you made them yourself...I can't wait to see them.

michelle said...

Man, you obviously went during the week of good weather. We got rained out. But hey, I guess there is always next year! Loved your hair today by the way!

Leah said...

So Fun! What is it about pumpkin patches and kids? they just love it. good thing there are lot to visit. looks like a good time.