August 25, 2010

Coops New Room!!!

So I have been on a redoing my house kind of kick lately.
Cooper's room has been on my list for A LONG TIME and I finally got to it
- - - - -
His room had been done in race car and had big chunky letters that spelled
- - - - -
HELLO he is almost 6
Poor overdue
- - - - -
First things first...we painted!
Then I REALLY wanted a blue we taped.
And taped.
And taped some more.
We both remembered how much I SUCK at measuring and then just let Matt do it
Don't be jealous how AMAZING I look when I am painting
- - - - -
A look like mine doens't just HAPPEN
Doesn't it look awesome!
Nothin better than peeling off the tape to reveal...
Then we HAD to buy a new bed.
He had a loft bed that took over his room and was totally wrong
Matt just LOVES to put stuff together ;)
- - - - -
Cooper wanted a sports theme!
I may have gone a little NUTS
- - - - -
Let's start with the basketball hoop!
This is his MOST favorite thing ever
Sadly, Juddie now wants one too haha!
I got super lucky and found this COOL football toy box.
I was really worried about trying to keep a few things for him to play with in his room without looking messy and this solved all the problems!
These cool book holders are the ONLY thing that returned from his previous decor
They are just too awesome to let go of!
I fell in love with this darling light switch cover
I made this HUGE magnet board and embellished it with sports peices to display him playing sports!
Then we added a few shelves. I was super giddy to find these tiny little balls and jars!
Coop picked out his is so him
Screaming bright colors and every sport imaginable!
Here is a fun shot of this wall!
I originally bought the curtains that went with the quilt...but they were drab and boring
I made my own. Nothing spectacular but they look WAY better
These little guys are my all time favorite
They are called SPORTS SPUDS
They are ridiculously expensive but so cute we HAD to splurge!
We got basketball...
And a baseball one apparently I forgot to photograph.
Whoops sorry
Then I found this awesome WRIGLEY FIELD canvas and fell in love!
Years ago I saw these chairs at RC Willey and knew someday I HAD to have one for a boy
I am pretty sure soccer will be Coops game so we went with the soccer ball!
Isn't it beyond fabulous!
We sure love it!
Of course...Mom had to put her own finishing this pillow
C' knew I would have to hand make SOMETHING right?
So there ya have it...
You should stop by....
He'll show you his slam dunk!

August 23, 2010

First Day of School

Today marks the first day of the school year for us! Madysen started third grade and Cooper was introduced to his kindergarten class and classroom!
- - - - -
We started out our exciting morning very early because certain people couldn't sleep any longer!
- - - - -
Here is our Miss Madysen!
Cooper couldn't have been more excited! He doesn't really start officially till next week but he was THRILLED nontheless!
Juddie doesn't start preschool for two more weeks, but he needed his picture taken just like the big kids too!
This scene nearly made me bawl like a baby!
- - - - -
My kids are growing up SOOO fast
I so hope they always are good buddies and friends
We dropped Madysen off at her class first!
- - - - -
She got the teacher she had been crossing her fingers for so she was beyond EXCITED
- - - - -
We found her seat in the front row...PERFECT
We explored her room and desk for a few minutes and then waved goodbye and left her to her first day as a third grader! She came home bubbling with excitement still and is even more in love with her teacher after day one! Oh how grateful I am for that!
Then Judd and I walked Cooper to his classroom. He brought his backpack...just because!
- - - - -
Judd was a little sad and unwilling to understand that kindergarten was not for him, but only Cooper. He pouted the first 20 minutes that he didn't have a seat with his name on it. Poor kid...guess he'll be extra happy for preschool right?
- - - - -
Cooper bounced right in and was one of the first kids there! He chose to be #1 (shocking) and that will be his number for the year!
The teacher had them decorate sugar cookies in the shape of the first letters of their names. So adorable!
Here is the teacher! She started out with books and songs...and won EVERYBODY over immediately!
Here is Cooper's cookie masterpeice! There is almost a cookie visable under all the sprinkles!
After frosting they got to eat them! Yeah Coop!
Overall, I would have to say day one was VERY EXCITING!
- - - - -
I think both my kids are truly blessed with having amazing teachers!
- - - - -
HERE IS TO 2010-2011!!!


August 18, 2010

***Happy 10th Anniversary***

Yesterday Matt and I celebrated our TENTH anniversay!!!
Yeah for us!

I love my hubby with all my heart and I thought I would share just the first 100 reasons why:
  1. I love him and he loves just works
  2. He is 6'9" tall and I can wear any shoes I EVER want
  3. He takes good care of me whenever I feel yucky
  4. He lets me make endless honey do lists for him
  5. He eats any and all of my recipe "inventions"
  6. He adores our children and vice versa
  7. He provides for us so I can be home
  8. He has a wonderful temperment
  9. My parents, sisters and family ADORE him
  10. He sticks up for and defends me
  11. He still has the "HOTS" for me
  12. He lets me sleep in the middle of the bed
  13. He's better now than when I found him
  14. He is very smart
  15. He lets me be silly
  16. He looks HOT even in his 1992 Civic
  17. He lets me decorate without any opinions ;)
  18. He supports me in whatever venture I come up with
  19. He always notices when I wear something new & compliments me
  20. He loves the gospel of Jesus Christ
  21. He has taken the role of spiritual leader in our home
  22. He can cook...WELL
  23. He writes me sweet love notes/cards
  24. He never complains that his ironing isn't done
  25. He will rub my feet...even if there is nothing in it for him
  26. He is always willing to try
  27. He is a fantastic teacher
  28. He has let me see him cry
  29. He thinks it is OK that I am obsessed with vaccum lines
  30. He lets me call him chicken...10 years baby
  31. He handles the garbages...solely
  32. He snuggles with me whenever I am chilly
  33. He has given me 3 beautiful children
  34. How yummy he smells with cologne on
  35. He dusts my fans
  36. He can wipe a windshield without walking from side to side
  37. He loves the scriptures
  38. He understands I need time "OUTTA HERE"
  39. He usually does what I ask of him
  40. He respects me & teaches our kids to do the same
  41. He holds doors open for me
  42. He lets me ramble when he'd really like to be asleep
  43. He is PATIENT
  44. He holds my hand while we are driving
  45. He says I LOVE YOU at the end of every call
  46. He knows I think washing dishes is SEX-HEEE!!
  47. He loves his sweats in the winter and his basketball shorts in the summer NO MATTER WHAT
  48. He lets me pick out his clothes whenever we go out 
  49. He rarely says no to a tickle fight with the kids
  50. He's not afraid of PDA. When we're in public, people know I am HIS
  51. He always remembers by birthday and holidays
  52. He looks amazingly hot in a tuxedo! Ow!!!
  53. He is no longer afraid of pink or glitter
  54. We finished our basement as a TEAM
  55. He lets me have the remote most of the time
  56. He will go to chick flicks with me
  57. He tolerates shopping of some sort on nearly all our dates
  58. He plans for his retirement
  59. We dream of our future together
  60. He still plans to take me on a honeymoon
  61. He lets people know I am his #1 and not to mess with that
  62. He has become more assertive over the years
  63. He is only mean & onry on the court
  64. He is willing to buy tampons when needed
  65. He has the most gorgeous green eyes
  66. He still thinks him being naked gets me in the mood :)
  67. He will watch the same movies over and over with me
  68. He is a fabulous BBQer
  69. He cuts the lawn diagnally because I mentioned once that I love it that way
  70. He always plays with our kids-mostly on all fours
  71. He holds my hair whenever I have the stomach flu
  72. He is MINE all MINE for eternity
  73. He looks hot with a pencil behind one ear covered in saw dust
  74. He always checks in with me to see how my day is going
  75. He lets me sleep in instead of himself 99% of the time
  76. He has genuine love & respect for my parents
  77. He NEVER makes me kill bugs
  78. He plays with my hair
  79. He's not afraid to take all three kids places alone
  80. He is a HARD worker
  81. Before calling for help, he ALWAYS tries to fix things himself
  82. He is an excellent picture hanger
  83. He can't beat me at Dr. Mario-just everything else
  84. He doesn't complain when waffles are for dinner
  85. He still thinks its funny to "tackle" me
  86. He tolerates being teased about the "STAR OF 04"
  87. He lets me decorate for Christmas the 2nd week of November :)
  88. He tells me he's proud of me for any small domestic success
  89. He still winks at me and makes my heart skip a beat
  90. He likes to sing to the radio with me
  91. He always gets up early to snow blow in the winter
  92. He let me pretend the first 5 years of marriage I couldn't make stroganoff so he had to
  93. He pretends my stretch marks do NOT exist
  94. He can master any electronic device in under 30 seconds
  95. He is very good at offering & giving service
  96. He always thanks me for making dinner
  97. He is a faithful and diligent "noise checker outter"
  98. He served a faithful LDS Mission in Zimbabwe
  99. He makes me feel special NO MATTER WHAT
  100. He loves me back -- despite ALL my flaws

Here's to Eternity baby! I love you with ALL of my heart!
Love -- Your Sexy Wife

August 17, 2010

How the Other Half Lives

Saturday, my mom and I decided to go to the Parade of Homes
- - - - -
It is always so fun to see 10,000 square foot houses which are bigger than I dream
Seriously, my celestial home is not designed as wonderfully as these
- - - - -
Here are a few of my favorite hot spots
- - - - -
This was a reading nook with a two sided fireplace. 
Can I just say WOW
I think I would definately read more hehe
This is someone's downstairs kitchen
Um yeah...go them right

Of course there were many theaters...

Here lies Matt's dream...
An indoor, under the garage half court basketball room
Holy WOW

Could you not move right in to this house knowing this kitchen awaited you
If money is no out
I call THIS kitchen

This is what my refrigerator was supposed to look like.
Oh well haha

This is a master tub with huge walk in closets on either side.
This pic doesn't do it justice but you could fit an entire family in this thing.

This house was the most inspiring
It was about the same size as mine but decorated so dang cute
Is it not so dang super cute! Look at the beyond darling legs
And the eclectic beyond adorable

This room was just across from the dining all flowed so wonderfully
This room offered TONS of inspiration too
I am on a mission to redo my living room
Matt is obviously thrilled I went ;)

I am such a sucker for window seats
Funny...since I didn't add ANY to my own house hehe

This room was so super simple and yet stole my heart
I love the simple understated and yet totally adorable theme!

This is my new mission of the week.
I have always wanted to redo my table center peice and THIS is exactly what I wanted
Now if I can only find this vase in bright red, my life might be COMPLETE
- - - - -
Any ideas anyone? I feel like I have been everywhere searching for this beauty

Our lives were forced out of the wealthy imaginative state when the car we drove broke down
- - - - -
I think its safe to say that no one who owns a Parade house drives anything from the 90's that may or may not break down at any minute haha
- - - - -
My mom and I had to call my Dad for a rescue. That was around 5 pm
- - - - -
We had to call my bro/sis in law to find us
- - - - -
It was a mess. But my Dad the hero eventually fixed the car, 
in the pitch black around 11 o'clock
It was like a surgeon doing his magic on a dying patient anyone else would have given up on.
My Dad is amazing

Anyway...reality is here again
I am working on finding a couch for my living room and a vase for my table.
Maybe when its all done I'll have you over for my own Parade event!
Don't hold your breath though hehe