August 17, 2010

How the Other Half Lives

Saturday, my mom and I decided to go to the Parade of Homes
- - - - -
It is always so fun to see 10,000 square foot houses which are bigger than I dream
Seriously, my celestial home is not designed as wonderfully as these
- - - - -
Here are a few of my favorite hot spots
- - - - -
This was a reading nook with a two sided fireplace. 
Can I just say WOW
I think I would definately read more hehe
This is someone's downstairs kitchen
Um yeah...go them right

Of course there were many theaters...

Here lies Matt's dream...
An indoor, under the garage half court basketball room
Holy WOW

Could you not move right in to this house knowing this kitchen awaited you
If money is no out
I call THIS kitchen

This is what my refrigerator was supposed to look like.
Oh well haha

This is a master tub with huge walk in closets on either side.
This pic doesn't do it justice but you could fit an entire family in this thing.

This house was the most inspiring
It was about the same size as mine but decorated so dang cute
Is it not so dang super cute! Look at the beyond darling legs
And the eclectic beyond adorable

This room was just across from the dining all flowed so wonderfully
This room offered TONS of inspiration too
I am on a mission to redo my living room
Matt is obviously thrilled I went ;)

I am such a sucker for window seats
Funny...since I didn't add ANY to my own house hehe

This room was so super simple and yet stole my heart
I love the simple understated and yet totally adorable theme!

This is my new mission of the week.
I have always wanted to redo my table center peice and THIS is exactly what I wanted
Now if I can only find this vase in bright red, my life might be COMPLETE
- - - - -
Any ideas anyone? I feel like I have been everywhere searching for this beauty

Our lives were forced out of the wealthy imaginative state when the car we drove broke down
- - - - -
I think its safe to say that no one who owns a Parade house drives anything from the 90's that may or may not break down at any minute haha
- - - - -
My mom and I had to call my Dad for a rescue. That was around 5 pm
- - - - -
We had to call my bro/sis in law to find us
- - - - -
It was a mess. But my Dad the hero eventually fixed the car, 
in the pitch black around 11 o'clock
It was like a surgeon doing his magic on a dying patient anyone else would have given up on.
My Dad is amazing

Anyway...reality is here again
I am working on finding a couch for my living room and a vase for my table.
Maybe when its all done I'll have you over for my own Parade event!
Don't hold your breath though hehe

1 comment:

michelle said...

So fun! Now I wish I had gone! One idea, if you find the shape vase you want you could spray paint it red. I even spray paint glass. The flowers are orchids too, you can get them in silks. Good luck!