August 16, 2010

Alas I am 29

So last week I hit a big milestone...
I turned the big 29
Oh dear the last year of my 20's
Some days I feel older than 29, but most days I can't imagine turning the big 30 in what is now less than a year. I remember when my Mom turned 29 and I thought it sounded ancient.
When Matt has his 30th bday I got him a black over the hill cake.
In hind site, maybe not my best idea as I am only 3 years younger, right?
- - - - -
Oh 29 is here! Bring it on baby!
- - - - -
We had a party at our house for me and my lil sister who was born just a few days before my birthday. We have often celebrated it together and this year was no exception!
I gave her the most hilarious glass that says shopaholic and has boobs! We all had a good laugh!

I also got her a shopping fund jar
- - - - -
Any thoughts on what her hobby is hehe
I received all sorts of fun gifts!
- - - - -
Like this adorable tuxedo front purse
Miss Madysen made me a 5 page card/book 
telling me how much she loves me as a mom
- - - - -
Could very well have been my most favorite present ;)

I also got some fabulous jewelry!
Then we had some fabulous Boston Cream Cake
(recipe on
- - - - -
It was WAY yummier than it looks like it was haha
Together we blew out the candles to make all our wishes come true!
Thanks to everyone who came! It was very fun!

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Leah said...

You could also look at it as being IN your 30th year. :) your welcome for that.