July 30, 2010

Mid Week Strike

This week we decided to take a break from our usual summer activities of swimming or going to the movies and try out bowling! Kids bowl free all summer at several places so we took em up on it!
- - - - -
I have to say each of my kids has their own UNIQUE way of bowling.
- - - - -
Cooper's approach is a running start. He starts at the chairs, dashes forward, and just before he throws, comes to a complete stop to drop the ball 6 inches from the foul line. It is pretty comical!
Miss Madysen contorts her body in all sorts of intersting ways trying to hurl the bowl down the lane. She happily won both games they played...thankfully as a gracious winner after the 20 minute drive home she FINALLY quit giving tips to her brothers on how they could improve on their games.
- - - - -
She is a bowling master.
Hence her beating them by TWO
Judd's approach is one that made me pretty certain he would need a cast on his toes before we left. I have no idea how he missed his toes the entire time.
- - - - -
He would throw it so soft that half the time the pins would be swept before the ball even got there.
Guess it got a bit tired of waiting....
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Obviously bowling was pretty fun. Lots of "Oh yeah"s and "Mom did you SEE that?"
That's how ya know its good :)
Madysen always tried to act like she could care less
UNTIL of course she did well...
Then EVERYONE got to know.
Funny girl!
Any idea why his nickname is GOOFBALL?
Judd's ball was only 8 pounds but on him it looked like 100. Poor guy
He persevered though
Thankfully so did all his bones from the waist down :S
See how Madysen WON
- - - - -
I just figured I would save her the trouble so she didn't have to tell ya

Cuz really...she would have


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