August 31, 2011

It begins...

This past weekend soccer started up for our family again. This year is a little different though...Madysen decided she was done with soccer and Judd is finally old enough to begin.

Both my boys were SOOO excited for Saturday to come...but I think Judd's anticipation was almost over the top. He could hardly sleep Friday night he was just so ready.

Cooper's game was first and it was lots of fun. He is playing U7 now so the field is twice the size as last year, they have 5 players instead of 3 and they have to learn to play positions. It was funny to watch Cooper adjust to this. He enjoyed offense but defense...not so much
Cooper is learning quick what it means to be a team player. I love to watch him play sports and see how much like his Daddy he is. They have the exact same body shop and it looks like Coop is going to be a natural at everything like his Dad. He is very agile and fast which makes a great player!
This was my all-time favorite.

Matt is Cooper's coach and Juddie was just dying to be part of the
 team huddle to discuss strategy.

 It was killing him his game was 2nd! hehe
Finally....Juddie's turn!

His coach is Matt's buddy Seth and they started out with their own huddle discussing how soccer goes. This is each of their very first time playing and it was kinda obvious which kids had been exposed and practicing with Dad/siblings and which hadn't hehe. It was adorable though.

Judd wasted no time jumping into action. Sadly the field was almost all dirt and no having grass to stop the ball madefor a billion and three out of bounds kicks. They got great practice throwing the ball in though :)
It was way fun because one of Judd's buddies from preschool, Porter, was on the opposing team. They would get so busy chatting they would forget to play! Both their coaches kept telling them they could talk later hehe
This was an important moment. Half time=Switch goals.
Always good to make sure the players know that hehe
Judd even was able to score a goal! He was cheering for himself before he even kicked it all the way in! It was pretty hilarious!
This had to be the play of the game for me. This little guy saw Judd coming to "steal" the ball and just hunkered down right on it so Judd couldn't get to it. Thankfully Juddie didn't just kick it anyway and permanently injure the poor kid.
He played hard. He played good. He had sweat dripping from his side burns. But he had SOOO much fun he couldn't have cared less that he was hot. He didn't even notice. It was so fun and I am so glad he is loving it that much!

FINALLY, he feels like he is one of the big kids.

Now if his Mommy could just be ok with that....sigh

August 29, 2011

{ Swirls }

So although school started this week and life was crazy back in drive everyone EVERYWHERE again....

I started a lil home project.

Just like me isn't it. UGhhhh.

Thankfully it turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. I have been wanting to update my 1/2 bath off the kitchen for quite a while.
 I just lacked the inspiration of WHAT exactly I wanted to do.

 Leave it to the parade of homes to gimmie a grand idea.

Now I have NEVER stenciled anything in my life before so this was a first. That being said, I think it turned out pretty darn cute!

Here...take a look!
(Like an idiot I didn't take before pics...why oh why do I do that?!)

The walls were the same tan they are all over my main floor and it had pink and brown towels and a sign I made at RS one night many years ago that said WASH. That was all that was going on in here.

I added a lil something!
My main level is all decorated in red, black and white so I decided to carry the theme into the bathroom as well. Makes sense since this bath is RIGHT off the kitchen!

I painted the walls a yummy gray. I NEVER throught I would paint anything gray, but then I already painted Madysen's room white so I suppose this is the year of NEVER say NEVER.

Who knew?!

After the gray dried for a day I hopped in with my stencil.


 Days and days to be exact. I would say a good 12 hours of stenciling for just a half bath, so if you decide to aware!
 Worth every minute in the end but still.....

We have a new store that just opened a few days ago in Farmington called Home Goods.
This store just may bump down Hobby Lobby for me. It is really that great! I wandered around wishing I had more things to decorate and money to spend.

 Honestly, I think I would make an excellent professional shopper. If only that were a real profession....

I added a few funky painting this wreath holder red and using it as a TP holder instead.
 Honestly I did think of using it for a wreath...but where's the creativity in that?
 IDK for sure if this will stay like this...but I am trying it out for a few days!

I am finding as of late that I love baskets. I love a small little basket filled with something colorful and cute and fitting for the space. I think they add a lil something without being over bearing.

I decided to add this one in here along with some reading material. Unfortunately, I have never known women who use reading material in this type of room, and I only have Parents and Family Circle for the men to read while using this room. I guess you can't have it ALL can ya?

I found a few fun little accessories to add a little color to the wall behind the toilet. Sorry there's not a great pic of the entire thing...but half baths are pretty small and the camera did the best it could haha
How could I almost have forgotten!

We redid the baseboard to be 9" tall. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it like this! Sadly for Matthew we will be redoing the entire main floor like this. Good thing he loves me :)

Seriously, it adds so much drama and is just so WOW!!! I can't wait for the whole house to be done!!!
(not that you need lots of drama in a bathroom...just sayin)
So Wah Lah!!

Tell me what ya think...

As for me...I have stopped closing the door to this room. It just too fun not to gaze in there throughout the day. I just may have to pick up reading in there ;)


August 23, 2011

{First Day of School 2011}

Yesterday was a great day for us all!

Cooper started his first day of 1st grade and is officially in school all of the day! His favorite part by far is being able to eat lunch at school.
His BFF Crew is in his class as well as his friends Paige, Abby and Tessa.

Hopefully that stays a positive thing ;)

After day two, he is loving it all. Teacher, friends, LUNCH hehe
Miss Madysen started 4th grade. She has a teacher who is new to our school and wasn't sure about her first day.
Today she came home professing love for her and feeling like everything will be "amazing" for her.
She for the first time EVER has a bunch of her super good friends in her class.

Thankfully, I KNOW this won't be a problem for her but a wonderful blessing!
The hardest part of 4th grade so far has been deciding on what outfits to wear in what order.

Most of her school clothes are not super summer-y but we had to get just a few to start us off!

I'm sure the cold will be here before we know it!
I am so lucky to have such good kids.

They (usually) get along really well and although he won't admit it,
I know having Madysen there is comforting to Coop!
Judd is taking the year off school.

This was slightly disappointing yesterday with all the excitement, but later in the day I told him soccer started this Saturday and his world brightened immediately.

Unfortunately, he hasn't wanted to take off his soccer cleats since. Shin guards too :)
As for me, my first day of school went well.

Online is the way to go.

 I can do my class at my own speed which will be fabulous.
 I already took my first test and surprisingly got 100%.


 Maybe I will be able to pull it off after all hehe!


August 15, 2011

{Typo and Cavities}

So sometimes when you do things electronically
what you really mean to say gets lost in transmission.

- - - - - - - - -

Just a for instance...

 That was the card that came with my birthday flowers. Matt ordered them online and the awesome clearly non-English speaking hispanic man didn't dare give the electronic mess up a try. I mean seriously, how does someone who can't even speak English well enough to know that #39ire is not a word get and keep a job in UTAH haha!
- - - - -
 Oh well...although the message was meant to be super sweet (and is) its sentiment was lost a lil in Spanglish translation :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
On another note, today was the first time one of my children has had to have a cavity filled. We had to BE there at 7:30 and she sailed through it like it was nothing. They did a super job and she has never felt any discomfort through the entire process. I am so glad...I never want my kids to be afraid of the dentist. And I hope we are clear of cavities for a great long time after this!

I can hardly believe the summer days are less than a week!

I feel like this summer flew by faster than any of the others ever have.

I went to the Parade of Homes over the weekend and I am filled with ideas on redoing some little things that will add so much to my home. I love to feel inspired and to paint. Nothing is more lovely than fresh new paint. I just wish I actually enjoyed the painting part...:)

I will keep you posted on my progress! For now, we are going to live up our last few days of summer vacation and cherry hill! 


August 10, 2011

Thirty Happened

It happened.
I have officially left my 20's behind.
{deep breath}
I am 30!

This is me pretending that its just no big deal hehe
Matt threw me a surprise party with family and friends. Well...most of my loser friends didn't show pssht but that's ok. It's not like 30 is a huge milestone or anything ;) Now I know who my friends are. JK ;)
Thanks to everyone for all the fun gifts. You all know me too well!
- - - - -
My gift from Matt was my iPad2!
I am ricidulously addicted to this thing. Honestly I feel like a teenage boy addicted to a video game. It just does it ALL and I am so in love with it! Thanks babe!
- - - -
Way to make me feel like a teen when I hit 30 :)
- - - - -
Course when my grandpa is around I don't get a turn. I think before our cruise he will have to get his OWN ipad2 haha
My sisters got me this adorable scentsy cupcake! Isn't it adorable!?!
I think this face for my my neices benefit. Really blowing out 30 candles didn't get me THAT excited hehe
There ya go. It happened.
 T   H   I   R   T   Y