August 23, 2011

{First Day of School 2011}

Yesterday was a great day for us all!

Cooper started his first day of 1st grade and is officially in school all of the day! His favorite part by far is being able to eat lunch at school.
His BFF Crew is in his class as well as his friends Paige, Abby and Tessa.

Hopefully that stays a positive thing ;)

After day two, he is loving it all. Teacher, friends, LUNCH hehe
Miss Madysen started 4th grade. She has a teacher who is new to our school and wasn't sure about her first day.
Today she came home professing love for her and feeling like everything will be "amazing" for her.
She for the first time EVER has a bunch of her super good friends in her class.

Thankfully, I KNOW this won't be a problem for her but a wonderful blessing!
The hardest part of 4th grade so far has been deciding on what outfits to wear in what order.

Most of her school clothes are not super summer-y but we had to get just a few to start us off!

I'm sure the cold will be here before we know it!
I am so lucky to have such good kids.

They (usually) get along really well and although he won't admit it,
I know having Madysen there is comforting to Coop!
Judd is taking the year off school.

This was slightly disappointing yesterday with all the excitement, but later in the day I told him soccer started this Saturday and his world brightened immediately.

Unfortunately, he hasn't wanted to take off his soccer cleats since. Shin guards too :)
As for me, my first day of school went well.

Online is the way to go.

 I can do my class at my own speed which will be fabulous.
 I already took my first test and surprisingly got 100%.


 Maybe I will be able to pull it off after all hehe!


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Laura@Corner House said...

Cute pics. Good Luck at school. You are awesome.