August 31, 2011

It begins...

This past weekend soccer started up for our family again. This year is a little different though...Madysen decided she was done with soccer and Judd is finally old enough to begin.

Both my boys were SOOO excited for Saturday to come...but I think Judd's anticipation was almost over the top. He could hardly sleep Friday night he was just so ready.

Cooper's game was first and it was lots of fun. He is playing U7 now so the field is twice the size as last year, they have 5 players instead of 3 and they have to learn to play positions. It was funny to watch Cooper adjust to this. He enjoyed offense but defense...not so much
Cooper is learning quick what it means to be a team player. I love to watch him play sports and see how much like his Daddy he is. They have the exact same body shop and it looks like Coop is going to be a natural at everything like his Dad. He is very agile and fast which makes a great player!
This was my all-time favorite.

Matt is Cooper's coach and Juddie was just dying to be part of the
 team huddle to discuss strategy.

 It was killing him his game was 2nd! hehe
Finally....Juddie's turn!

His coach is Matt's buddy Seth and they started out with their own huddle discussing how soccer goes. This is each of their very first time playing and it was kinda obvious which kids had been exposed and practicing with Dad/siblings and which hadn't hehe. It was adorable though.

Judd wasted no time jumping into action. Sadly the field was almost all dirt and no having grass to stop the ball madefor a billion and three out of bounds kicks. They got great practice throwing the ball in though :)
It was way fun because one of Judd's buddies from preschool, Porter, was on the opposing team. They would get so busy chatting they would forget to play! Both their coaches kept telling them they could talk later hehe
This was an important moment. Half time=Switch goals.
Always good to make sure the players know that hehe
Judd even was able to score a goal! He was cheering for himself before he even kicked it all the way in! It was pretty hilarious!
This had to be the play of the game for me. This little guy saw Judd coming to "steal" the ball and just hunkered down right on it so Judd couldn't get to it. Thankfully Juddie didn't just kick it anyway and permanently injure the poor kid.
He played hard. He played good. He had sweat dripping from his side burns. But he had SOOO much fun he couldn't have cared less that he was hot. He didn't even notice. It was so fun and I am so glad he is loving it that much!

FINALLY, he feels like he is one of the big kids.

Now if his Mommy could just be ok with that....sigh

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