March 31, 2010

Peter Pan

Our little Madysen had a great opportunity over the course of the last two months. She was able to perform the play Peter Pan with her school. She chose to be a fairy, a friend of Tinkerbell!
They were told to have pink and purple costumes...what a perfect choice for a house with 2 VERY girlie girls! She looks adorable and glittery for her big night!
Madysen loves performing and is such a good performer. She always remembers to smile and seems to be one of the only kids who doesn't get lost! I guess her amazing memory helps with that haha
My seats were horrible (yup all 3 times) so I largely have a collection of the people's heads that sat in front of me. So sorry for the poor pics!

Madysen had a great time doing this play! It kept her very busy as they had rehearsal 2 times a week, on top of all the other stuff we have going, we are grateful that is over! We are so glad that so many gave so much time to put this play on! Madysen had a blast!!!

We have moved on from preparing for Peter Pan, to preparing for our Disneyland performance! We are working hard and practicing lots! We all CANNOT wait for the day to get here!

March 25, 2010

14.66 My New Favorite Number

Ok so if I didn't get your attention with my amazing water deal (remember 40 sobe's for 60 cents ;)...then you have to be excited by this deal! I spent a total of $14.66 on everything you see here...don't believe it...just keep reading
I bought 21 boxes of Smart FREE after coupons
Eleven boxes of these new amazing crackers. They are toasted pecan and toasted almond.
Yup they taste as good as they sounds
Eleven boxes=FREE
Then I bought 20 jars of Classico pasta sauce for ten dollars
Next: 20 boxes of Healthy Harvest at 25 cents a box after coupon
Lunchables...the new sub sandwich kind
5 for 25 cents a peice after coupon
Lady Speed Stick: 25 cents after coupon
I don't really use this kind but for a dollar I figured it was good for storage right? Who knows...maybe I would like this kind hehe
And here's the proof....a SUPER SUPER LONG receipt! Yeah
Yup a total of 14.66!
If you don't beleive me that works....well you are WRONG!

March 24, 2010

"Project Night"

So once a month we have what we call a "project night" with all the ladies. To be fair it is rarely a time for most of us to work on "projects", but more a time to chat and have some serious girl time! I look forward to it every month! These are just a few of our awesome ladies!
This is Marietta. She is enjoying one of my cookie dough brownies. Marietta is an awesome chick! She is also the amazing photographer that did my easter pics!
This is Lorianne. She is 100% hilarious all the time! Love this woman!
These are my 2 close buddies Andrea and Crystal! I think these 2 are one of the reasons that Heavenly Father wanted us in this neighborhood!
This is my Crystal! She is one of the world's greatest friends! She is moving this week and I am super sad. Her son and my son are BFF's and she and I really click. Sad for me :(
I have spent a lot of time at her house lately helping her pack. She thinks its cuz I am helpful but really I am just soaking up our last few days together (wink wink)

Project night is always fun!  I love these women and being friends with them makes me a better person, Mom and wife! Love ya ladies!

March 23, 2010

A little euphoria

I got THE greatest deal today! I just had to share...
I bought ALL of this for....
That's right....not even a dollar for 40 SoBe Life Waters!
Yeah for us!

An Easter Egg Hunt

Monday was our annual neighborhood easter egg hunt. My kids look forward to this every year and we are so grateful to our wonderful neighbor who heads it up every year!
Each child gets 10 eggs and they have such a great time on the "hunt"!
Madysen found a few non-egg treats!
The boys stuck together the whole time helping each other!
Coop found a giant purple egg! He was so proud
Daddy got to come this year! Here he is helping make sure Judd gets a few non-chocolate treats!
This is Coop and his best buddy Taylor! Taylor is moving later this week and Coopie is super sad! We will miss him immensely! Love you Taylor!
This is Madysen and her Bestie Amaia! They are both darling girls and have such a fun time together!
Here are all my punkins! They had a super fun time!

Since Madysen had the day off and so did Matt, we went to the movies after the Easter Hunt. We went and saw Alvin & the Chipmunks! The kids had a very fun day off!

I love my sweet little family! We always have lots of fun together!

March 22, 2010

Some More Felt Food For Ya!!

My obsession with felt food has continued so I figured I would share with you what I have been up to. I went to project night a few days ago and made quite a few new fun things!

A full breakfast...waffles with syrup, bacon and

(If you decide to make any, I used a pipe cleaner in the bacon so I could make it bend and curl like bacon :)
For those who prefer a pastry breakfast I made Pop Tarts!
Even my sister got into the felt food spirit and made a plate of truffles!
Way to go Kiki!
These were the simplest things I have made. Bowtie pasta! Wah lah
Hope you all are hungry for some felt now hehe!

March 18, 2010

Been burned?

Have you ever thought about the word BURN? I mean there are so many meanings. You can BURN your dinner, you can be sunBURNED, you can be BURNED by a friend or loved one who broke your trust.

There are lots of things that can be BURNED: wood, matches, newspaper etc.

I learned today what the true meaning of BURN is.

The feeling I get when I am running. My lungs, butt and thighs are competing for 1st place in the "What is BURNING like fire inside my body" award. Just when I think it can't get any worse, it cranks up a notch and I feel like death is near.

This is where good runners tell you to push through the pain right? For the love, I was pushing and pushing and know what I felt...


Shocking right? The more you run the more your lungs and muscles feel like they are ablaze.

I am not a runner. I would like to be. I would like to be one of the skinny perky people who say "I love running." Give it up can't possibly love to run. I'm not buying it.

Since last year I have lost a little over 48 pounds. I'm happy with that, but I have 9 more to go to be at my first married weight. So....I am running. My goal is to hit that fabulous 9 pounds less than I am number by May 13th. Just in time for my sisters wedding...

But for now, until those 9 pounds are gone, we must have the BURNING. There's just gotta be a better way ;)

March 17, 2010

**Happy St Patrick's Day**

For St Patty's Day I always make a fun GREEN dinner for our fam. Normally we take green Jello to Grandpa, but this year we had them over for our green dinner instead! We ate green italian chicken, green rice, brocolli, green grape juice, green corn muffins, and green grapes! It was followed by pecan bars (see other blog hehe). We had a lot of fun with grandma and grandpa and excitedly talked about our upcoming trip to Disneyland! The kids were in shock with all the green food, and even a bit skeptical. Eventually they all ate and it was super yummy!

Three excited (and hungry) kids ready for the party
A plate all dressed up in GREEN!!!
Judd thinks having one grape in each cheek is the true and living way to eat em!
Madysen had to eat a peice of green chicken...she wasn't quite convinced
Cooper was stunned by the bread being green
Here they all are! We had a super fun time
I feel so lucky to still have my grandparents in my life and so active and closeby. I know most people are lucky to have their parents and I still have both my grandparents. I love them so very much and they are such wonderful people. My grandpa is the world's  biggest tease and trickster and my grandma comes up with the funniest things to say and keeps us rolling in laughter. We love them so much!

One of my favorite parts of the day was going to Target. Coop noticed that we were clearly not the only ones in green. He kept asking me why people were all wearing green. I responded 100 times, "Because its St Patricks Day". "But WHY do we have to wear green for SPD Mom?" I finally had to admit that I dunno. Because I said so...isn't that what our parents used to say to us?

Hope you all had a great St Patty's Day!

March 16, 2010

**Easter/Spring Pics**

I took my kids to get their Easter and spring photos done by my amazing neighbor. I just had to share...aren't they darling hehe!

Click here to see her amazing blog and schedule your own darling pics! She does beautiful work and is very affordable! Thanks to AHM Photography!!!