March 17, 2010

**Happy St Patrick's Day**

For St Patty's Day I always make a fun GREEN dinner for our fam. Normally we take green Jello to Grandpa, but this year we had them over for our green dinner instead! We ate green italian chicken, green rice, brocolli, green grape juice, green corn muffins, and green grapes! It was followed by pecan bars (see other blog hehe). We had a lot of fun with grandma and grandpa and excitedly talked about our upcoming trip to Disneyland! The kids were in shock with all the green food, and even a bit skeptical. Eventually they all ate and it was super yummy!

Three excited (and hungry) kids ready for the party
A plate all dressed up in GREEN!!!
Judd thinks having one grape in each cheek is the true and living way to eat em!
Madysen had to eat a peice of green chicken...she wasn't quite convinced
Cooper was stunned by the bread being green
Here they all are! We had a super fun time
I feel so lucky to still have my grandparents in my life and so active and closeby. I know most people are lucky to have their parents and I still have both my grandparents. I love them so very much and they are such wonderful people. My grandpa is the world's  biggest tease and trickster and my grandma comes up with the funniest things to say and keeps us rolling in laughter. We love them so much!

One of my favorite parts of the day was going to Target. Coop noticed that we were clearly not the only ones in green. He kept asking me why people were all wearing green. I responded 100 times, "Because its St Patricks Day". "But WHY do we have to wear green for SPD Mom?" I finally had to admit that I dunno. Because I said so...isn't that what our parents used to say to us?

Hope you all had a great St Patty's Day!

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