March 2, 2010

Cousins night!

On Friday we had a cousins night at my house! We never really see all our cousins except at Thanksgiving and Christmas and my sister Nan decided it was time to break that habit. So we set up a game night at my house. We started with pizza then went down to the basement to play Mario Kart and Guitar Hero! We had a super fun time and it was fun to see them all again!

The camera loves Eric!
I beleive this technique is pretty amazing if you are trying to combine yoga and Wii playing at the same time ;)
The stakes were high...and the game intense.
Taylene played main vocalist most of the night

Another strategic way to play guitar? Gotta love Eric
Ash was pretty intense playin the drums!

Colby and Chris came also...I just forgot to get my camera out ;(

Overall we had a great night and will start making cousin night a tradition!

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Walls said...

man you are a good picture taker! i need to stop forgetting and just DO IT! Thanks for lettin it be at your house! love ya! and thanks for that beautiful picture of me! haha