March 25, 2010

14.66 My New Favorite Number

Ok so if I didn't get your attention with my amazing water deal (remember 40 sobe's for 60 cents ;)...then you have to be excited by this deal! I spent a total of $14.66 on everything you see here...don't believe it...just keep reading
I bought 21 boxes of Smart FREE after coupons
Eleven boxes of these new amazing crackers. They are toasted pecan and toasted almond.
Yup they taste as good as they sounds
Eleven boxes=FREE
Then I bought 20 jars of Classico pasta sauce for ten dollars
Next: 20 boxes of Healthy Harvest at 25 cents a box after coupon
Lunchables...the new sub sandwich kind
5 for 25 cents a peice after coupon
Lady Speed Stick: 25 cents after coupon
I don't really use this kind but for a dollar I figured it was good for storage right? Who knows...maybe I would like this kind hehe
And here's the proof....a SUPER SUPER LONG receipt! Yeah
Yup a total of 14.66!
If you don't beleive me that works....well you are WRONG!


alwaysadorable said...

Once again, shocked by your mad skillz. This just the genius that you possess towards all things shopping! Way to go!!!

Natalie Murray said...

K we need to sit down & chat! I seriously need to budget my groceries but am too lazy to do it! So we'll have to get together & you'll have to show me how todo this!!