March 3, 2010

A Call to Ya'll

So I have been thinking.

I know scary huh?

 In these thoughts I have decided that it would be super fun to make some felt food to go with our new playhouse and restaurant stuff. I found TONS of adorable pics online with beyond what I could make cuteness, but I was just wonderin if any of you might have felt food patterns that you love or hope to make someday. I am going to start working on em early next week if you do!

These are a few that inspired me...

This one simply melts my heart. I am SUCH a sucker for baked goods...even fake ones hehe
Are these not so realistic looking? No worries...I am quite sure mine won't turn out like that :(
How cute is a cherry pie? OMGoodness
I can't decide if the tea set or the cinnamon buns melt my heart more!
Oh for the love they are both so dang cute!!!
I am not a breakfast food eater, but are these not so cute!
See what I mean...I like the stuff that's outta my league.
But then hey, a girl can dream right *wink*


Leah said...

I got nothing. but I am excited to make some with you :)

Orange said...

I've made a bunch for my kids, and the ones they like best are the ones with velcro, like a hotdog in a bun that velcros in, or butter on pancakes, etc. It is fun to make noodles, you just cut strips of fleece. Pasta is also fun, I've done felt raviolli and felt pizzas with velcro toppings.

Have fun!

Christee and Austin said...

That looks like an insane amount of work. You are crazy girl!

Amanda said...

It will be work but I think they will be super super cute! I was thinking velcro would be fun so thanks for solidifying it kinz! If you have any patterns for the ones you did lemme know cuz I would love to see em!