March 24, 2010

"Project Night"

So once a month we have what we call a "project night" with all the ladies. To be fair it is rarely a time for most of us to work on "projects", but more a time to chat and have some serious girl time! I look forward to it every month! These are just a few of our awesome ladies!
This is Marietta. She is enjoying one of my cookie dough brownies. Marietta is an awesome chick! She is also the amazing photographer that did my easter pics!
This is Lorianne. She is 100% hilarious all the time! Love this woman!
These are my 2 close buddies Andrea and Crystal! I think these 2 are one of the reasons that Heavenly Father wanted us in this neighborhood!
This is my Crystal! She is one of the world's greatest friends! She is moving this week and I am super sad. Her son and my son are BFF's and she and I really click. Sad for me :(
I have spent a lot of time at her house lately helping her pack. She thinks its cuz I am helpful but really I am just soaking up our last few days together (wink wink)

Project night is always fun!  I love these women and being friends with them makes me a better person, Mom and wife! Love ya ladies!

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Marietta said...

I'm always telling my kids to lay off the cheesy faces- and just look at me! Could I be any more cheesy?!