March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Matt!!!

Yesterday was Matt's birthday, so we planned a big date with everyone in my fam. We started with dinner at Lonestar (cuz Matt LOVES steak). We all ate super yummy things, then they brought Matt out a HUGE brownie. Of course after eating steak and potatoes, there wasn't much room, but fear not, we crammed that brownie in somewhere ;)

Then on to presents. Matt received a golf pass from my grandparents and money from my parents! Thanks guys!
Then it was time for my present. I gotta start by saying that I love gag gifts...
But I will have to explain this one. Several months ago we were out to eat with Matt's bro and wife. While we were waiting to be seated, a guy walked past us who had a small diamond earring. I leaned over to Matt and told him that if we weren't who we are, and didn't beleive what we do, I would suggest he get an earring. I think they are kinda cute (on some people). This was clearly the stupidest thing I have ever mentioned. Matt was nearly horrified that I would even THINK it. (I am not gonna lie, I still think it would be a little sexy hehe). So he told his bro/wife about it and it turned into a big mock Amanda for her comment night. Always fun fun fun!
So clearly, for his 32nd bday, Matt recieved a huge DIAMOND EARRING! That'll teach him.
Ok ok...that isn't all I got him. ..
What he really wanted but didn't think he would get was an itouch. We aren't cool enough to have iphones (its an AT&T thing) so this is the next best thing. I am pretty sure I surprised him with this. He never makes it easy but I think he was geniunely surprised and obviously happy. Apple just makes the funnest toys!
It was so great to have my whole fam there. Here are my cute parents...
Kiki and her soon to be husband Austin...
Grandma and Grandpa looking all nifty after a baptism...
Nan and Brady (seriously Nan I hate you for being this gorgeous ALL the time) xoxo...
Ashwee and Justin...nerds
And of and my birthday boy!

Here is the whole group...aren't we stunning!
So confession was easy to buy Matt the itouch...cuz let's be honest...
I WANT ONE TOO! Seriously these things are so awesome!
After dinner we went to the movies and saw Invictus. We all liked it but it was a little slow moving and long. I learned a lot about Nelson Mandella and its always neat to find out about people as wonderful as he was.
Anyway, that concludes Matt's bday! We had a fun time and hope that he has a wonderful year!

Love you babe!!!

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