February 28, 2010

Nothing like a playhouse!

My adventure in finishing my playhouse/playroom has continued. I beleive it is finally done other than a few finishing touches only I will notice ;)
In our playhouse there is a secret cut out so the kids get enter/exit from 2 different spots. This exit as you can somewhat see on the right of the pic is in a corner. So this is the "Corner Market". I know right hehe

This is the washer and dryer with a shelf for ironing supplies.
This is the view from the front as you walk in the house. Everything just right for kids! Love it!
This is their new fridge. It is just the perfect size for the space and nice to have a fridge bigger than the 12 inch one on the side of their old kitchen. We loaded the shelves immediately!
A shelf for produce...
Staples like milk, juice, butter, eggs and cheese...
And of course a freezer full of cake and ice cream!!!
Another view of the cool kitchen. On one side hangs a cupcake apron, the other side has a chef hat and coat!
This is the outside of the house. The curtains open for when they are playing library, post office, anything drive through etc...I made different curtains for the inside and outside of coordinating fabrics so its different! No house is complete without a tulip border. I put shiny decorator rocks in the boxes too and they glimmer in the light. Super cute!
A closer look...

The pictures don't do these will just have to come see!
Here is a full view as you walk in the door. My kids are in heaven and I haven't seen them in 4 days!
It was just time for a new table that wasn't all pink and purple with Ariel on it, so I found this wooden one and painted it to match the kitchen. Turned out pretty cute!
My kids favorite thing is to play restaurant. So I designed, colored and laminated these menus for them. Madysen thought that this was the coolest idea I had. Too bad the coolest idea is the one that took almost no time or effort haha!
So that is our playhouse! Wanna come over and play! Judd is sure to be cooking up something yummy for ya, Madysen will gladly serve his food, and Cooper makes a fantastic bus boy. Tips not required ;)

February 27, 2010

Always a project...

A good friend gave me a genius idea. As with most things, once I decide to do a project, my drive to accomplish it goes nuts and I go 110%. Matt thinks I lack any procrastination skills whatsoever...poor him ;)

So the day after her advice, I was make my own small wooden kitchen from a nightstand. My bro in law JT was up and willing to help with the saw etc so we set off on our nightstand turned kitchen adventure.
A very serious amount of sanding later...
We took the drawer front off, painted it, put new hardware on, then reattached. This is the "oven" drawer
Every kitchen needs burners and knobs that really turn. I spray painted the silver and used my vinyl machine to cut the red burner circles (oh so much easier than me painting perfect circles!
Then I took the coordinating fabric from the curtains I made last week and made a cafe curtain for the bottom and put it on a tension spring rod.
Jt cut a hole for the sink and then I painted it this pretty soft yellow to match the fabric. After that we drew the backsplash on mdf, cut it out and nailed/glued it on.
Then we used a bowl for the sink, added a faucet and screwed the knobs on loose so they would turn without unscrewing.
Then...the fun of putting it all together. I added hooks to the backsplash for utensils and a pot holder.
I LOVE IT!!! Isn't it darling!


Three darling happy customers!!!

All three kids squealed in delight when they saw it. Somehow I kept it hidden the day and a half we were working on it!
I am not gonna lie and say this project was nothing, but realistically it turned out really cute and was done in 24 hours! My kids love it and I can be happy that I only spent 30 dollars and got everything I wanted and more. Thanks for the great idea!

PS-If this inspires you to make one, lemme know cuz I have some pointers of things I would do a little more the easier way haha!

February 24, 2010

Brothers just playin

As I have been more excited about my basement, my kids have followed in the joy. The boys were playing nicely downstairs and pretending to be at the market!

Coop was the cashier...anytime there is money and buttons he's in!
They used the entertainment center to set up their shelves and prepare to shop
Judd got this for his bday and loves that his baby brudder fits in the front.
It was adorable to watch Judd do the family shopping. He cleared out the store!

I just love these moments when my kids pretend to be in the adult world. It is always interesting to see how they view what Matt and I, and the world around us is really like. I love to watch my kids play pretend and see them use their imaginations. I am also glad they are getting more excited to use the basement!

February 23, 2010

Going Green!

So my good friend inspired me to not skip over St Patty's Day with my jars (she does jars on her counter too) and so I left her house inspired. Funny thing is I already had everything but the ribbon...I just love spring colors so I was going to just jump from Valentines to Easter. But I threw these together and of course was in I had to share
Um yeah sorry for the LIME overload...I have been learning how to photoshop hehe

This one is gumballs and gold coins. I had to buy a 850 count box of gumballs at Sams Club, so you can all pretty much expect that there will ALWAYS be gumballs in atleast one from now on hehe

Hershey Kisses and cute together all dressed for St Patrick's Day!

My large jar, I might mention is absolutely huge! I love to make it more simple so we have gold shred and glittery shamrocks inside!

I have had these jars on my counter for a long time and never take pics so I forget from year to year what I put in em. Why in the world didn't I start bloggin sooner hehe!

I love St Patricks Day...I love that although we don't celebrate it for what Irish people do, I have very fond memories of making my Grandpa green (lime) Jell-o every year as a kid. He HATES Jell-o, specially green, and he is the world's biggest tease, so as a kid it was my one time to get him back. He is still a big tease and my kids love to make and take him his yucky green Jell-o every year now too. But hey...I am sure we'll get pics of that later :)

February 22, 2010

Taking a sick day?!?!

So Matt will be the first to tell you, I am not a very good sick person. I lack the ability to sit and lay around all day and do nothing but relax and recover. I tried yesterday because I was feeling absolutely terrible, but still managed to make a roast, do 3 loads of laundry, bath kids and sew curtains. Yep....that is a sick day for me. I mean I didn't even vacuum so I call it a day of rest ;)
I have been wanting to get the excitement back in myself of finishing some decorating in my basement and I decided to get working on the playhouse first. I found this fabric which truly inspired me so I went ahead and made some simple curtains for the kids! They're not amazing but they add a lot to the small space, and all three kids are loving a new feature!

I am so grateful to my wonderful bro in law JT who has made it his life goal as of late to fix my stupid vinyl machine. It has been out of commission for a bloody year and is finally working! Yeah for me! So if any of you need any vinyl...just lemme know ;)

Now all I need is a small wooden kitchen...any ideas anyone? The only ones I can find are pink which of course I want but since my only girl is almost 8...well ya know!

Phase one of the playhouse is I am going to make an awning for the outside of the window to make it look like a bistro. Wish me luck!

February 18, 2010

I have a problem...

I am just curious if anyone else out there would like to start a new support group with me. I will be calling it gymboreeshopaholics anonymous. My name is Amanda. I am a gymboree shopaholic.

I have literally driven all over Utah looking for good deals. Since Friday I have hit 7. Yup.

Sadly, I am looking for nothing in particular, just awesome sales on clearance. They had double rewards and extra 20% off clearance, plus I had extra 20% off all that was a little euphoric. Plus earning gymbucks for later. Ahhh how I love a good sale.

But seriously, I need help. I have all of spring, summer and fall for all 3 kids already purchased. Though on sale, I am realizing its a little much. I even have outfits stashed away for Christmas. Yup...starting early this year.

I am not gonna lie to ya though...I still have another coupon and I am not afraid to use it...Logan trip anyone? Hehe
Gotta Love Em ;)

February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day From Us!!

This year with Valentine's being on a Sunday it was perfect! Our ward isn't until 11 so we had a big fun family breakfast. The kids woke up to the decorations and presents on the table and were completely stunned.  It did turn out pretty cute and super yummy I might add hehe!

These are my beautiful roses from Matthew! They are fire and ice and so gorgeous! My cheap sucky camera really did a pretty nice job I think haha!
With Judd's allergy, we always have to have non chocolate treats! Thankfully, these are of no temptation to me whatsoever!
When I woke up on Sunday, Matt was dipping nutter butters in chocolate for me. If you  have never tried it, I promise it will be love at first bite! Super super yummy. He also gave me the best gift ever, a letter he wrote telling me why he loves me. I cried. Course if you know me you already assumed that. Love ya babe!
Judd received a puzzle as games are still a little hard for him. I love how as soon as they are 3 their smiles are fake when taking a Juddie!
Madysen and Cooper both love to play games so she got solitair frenzy and Coop got a rescue heroes game that is similar to chutes and ladders!
Nope...I don't ask him to pose like this...its just Coop. Yup, head tilt and all. Goofball
The kids had waffles with sprinkles and chocolate chips, hashbrown, eggs and pink milk of course! Madysen said it was the best breakfast because it was like family dinner, only family breakfast. Hmmm I guess we should try and eat breakfast together more kids just like to wake up and have cereal before 7. Shockingly, I don't roll that way :(
 I was able to find a PB cookie recipe Judd can eat. Only 4 ingredients and none of them milk or butter! Yeah for Judd!
Of course, he didn't eat the cookies once he discovered the suckers. Yup...2 at a time
Lame to take a pic of our juice I know...but I love this pitcher and glasses. So valentiney! Course anything with baked goods and cupcakes calls to me!

Overall we had a wonderful day. We started out with a family breakfast, then church, then my whole fam came over for dinner and the dessert I posted on
We played games, had cousins and all kinds of family and just a fabulous holiday! Everyone had a good time and I just hope we made another fun Vday memory!