February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day From Us!!

This year with Valentine's being on a Sunday it was perfect! Our ward isn't until 11 so we had a big fun family breakfast. The kids woke up to the decorations and presents on the table and were completely stunned.  It did turn out pretty cute and super yummy I might add hehe!

These are my beautiful roses from Matthew! They are fire and ice and so gorgeous! My cheap sucky camera really did a pretty nice job I think haha!
With Judd's allergy, we always have to have non chocolate treats! Thankfully, these are of no temptation to me whatsoever!
When I woke up on Sunday, Matt was dipping nutter butters in chocolate for me. If you  have never tried it, I promise it will be love at first bite! Super super yummy. He also gave me the best gift ever, a letter he wrote telling me why he loves me. I cried. Course if you know me you already assumed that. Love ya babe!
Judd received a puzzle as games are still a little hard for him. I love how as soon as they are 3 their smiles are fake when taking a Juddie!
Madysen and Cooper both love to play games so she got solitair frenzy and Coop got a rescue heroes game that is similar to chutes and ladders!
Nope...I don't ask him to pose like this...its just Coop. Yup, head tilt and all. Goofball
The kids had waffles with sprinkles and chocolate chips, hashbrown, eggs and pink milk of course! Madysen said it was the best breakfast because it was like family dinner, only family breakfast. Hmmm I guess we should try and eat breakfast together more kids just like to wake up and have cereal before 7. Shockingly, I don't roll that way :(
 I was able to find a PB cookie recipe Judd can eat. Only 4 ingredients and none of them milk or butter! Yeah for Judd!
Of course, he didn't eat the cookies once he discovered the suckers. Yup...2 at a time
Lame to take a pic of our juice I know...but I love this pitcher and glasses. So valentiney! Course anything with baked goods and cupcakes calls to me!

Overall we had a wonderful day. We started out with a family breakfast, then church, then my whole fam came over for dinner and the dessert I posted on
We played games, had cousins and all kinds of family and just a fabulous holiday! Everyone had a good time and I just hope we made another fun Vday memory!


Walls said...

Gosh I sure hope i can be as fun as you and mom are for the holidays! i'm just not creative!

Nelson family said...

What fun ideas! It looks like you had a great time! I really don't know what our Valentine's traditions are other than making Valentine sugar cookies. Your house looked so festive and fun! Kudos to you for making it special for your family! You are an amazing lady.

Amme said...

What great ideas. I love what fun things you do for your kids. I'll be up in Utah in a month maybe we can run into each other on purpose this time :)

Christee and Austin said...

Thanks for coordinating that! It was fun to get together as a family for the "official" Valentines Day!