February 23, 2010

Going Green!

So my good friend inspired me to not skip over St Patty's Day with my jars (she does jars on her counter too) and so I left her house inspired. Funny thing is I already had everything but the ribbon...I just love spring colors so I was going to just jump from Valentines to Easter. But I threw these together and of course was in I had to share
Um yeah sorry for the LIME overload...I have been learning how to photoshop hehe

This one is gumballs and gold coins. I had to buy a 850 count box of gumballs at Sams Club, so you can all pretty much expect that there will ALWAYS be gumballs in atleast one from now on hehe

Hershey Kisses and cute together all dressed for St Patrick's Day!

My large jar, I might mention is absolutely huge! I love to make it more simple so we have gold shred and glittery shamrocks inside!

I have had these jars on my counter for a long time and never take pics so I forget from year to year what I put in em. Why in the world didn't I start bloggin sooner hehe!

I love St Patricks Day...I love that although we don't celebrate it for what Irish people do, I have very fond memories of making my Grandpa green (lime) Jell-o every year as a kid. He HATES Jell-o, specially green, and he is the world's biggest tease, so as a kid it was my one time to get him back. He is still a big tease and my kids love to make and take him his yucky green Jell-o every year now too. But hey...I am sure we'll get pics of that later :)

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Nelson family said...

Love the jars and the kitchen. You did an awesome job! I admire your creativity! Keep up the good work!