February 27, 2010

Always a project...

A good friend gave me a genius idea. As with most things, once I decide to do a project, my drive to accomplish it goes nuts and I go 110%. Matt thinks I lack any procrastination skills whatsoever...poor him ;)

So the day after her advice, I was make my own small wooden kitchen from a nightstand. My bro in law JT was up and willing to help with the saw etc so we set off on our nightstand turned kitchen adventure.
A very serious amount of sanding later...
We took the drawer front off, painted it, put new hardware on, then reattached. This is the "oven" drawer
Every kitchen needs burners and knobs that really turn. I spray painted the silver and used my vinyl machine to cut the red burner circles (oh so much easier than me painting perfect circles!
Then I took the coordinating fabric from the curtains I made last week and made a cafe curtain for the bottom and put it on a tension spring rod.
Jt cut a hole for the sink and then I painted it this pretty soft yellow to match the fabric. After that we drew the backsplash on mdf, cut it out and nailed/glued it on.
Then we used a bowl for the sink, added a faucet and screwed the knobs on loose so they would turn without unscrewing.
Then...the fun of putting it all together. I added hooks to the backsplash for utensils and a pot holder.
I LOVE IT!!! Isn't it darling!


Three darling happy customers!!!

All three kids squealed in delight when they saw it. Somehow I kept it hidden the day and a half we were working on it!
I am not gonna lie and say this project was nothing, but realistically it turned out really cute and was done in 24 hours! My kids love it and I can be happy that I only spent 30 dollars and got everything I wanted and more. Thanks for the great idea!

PS-If this inspires you to make one, lemme know cuz I have some pointers of things I would do a little more the easier way haha!

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