February 22, 2010

Taking a sick day?!?!

So Matt will be the first to tell you, I am not a very good sick person. I lack the ability to sit and lay around all day and do nothing but relax and recover. I tried yesterday because I was feeling absolutely terrible, but still managed to make a roast, do 3 loads of laundry, bath kids and sew curtains. Yep....that is a sick day for me. I mean I didn't even vacuum so I call it a day of rest ;)
I have been wanting to get the excitement back in myself of finishing some decorating in my basement and I decided to get working on the playhouse first. I found this fabric which truly inspired me so I went ahead and made some simple curtains for the kids! They're not amazing but they add a lot to the small space, and all three kids are loving a new feature!

I am so grateful to my wonderful bro in law JT who has made it his life goal as of late to fix my stupid vinyl machine. It has been out of commission for a bloody year and is finally working! Yeah for me! So if any of you need any vinyl...just lemme know ;)

Now all I need is a small wooden kitchen...any ideas anyone? The only ones I can find are pink which of course I want but since my only girl is almost 8...well ya know!

Phase one of the playhouse is I am going to make an awning for the outside of the window to make it look like a bistro. Wish me luck!


Christee and Austin said...

Soo cute! Now you just need a stage! {hint hint Walls}

Andrea and Chuck said...

I have tons of kitchens patterns you refurbish from old furniture if Chuck had not made such an awesome cabinet for Charly this is what I would do

Summer said...

SERIOUSLY. Where do you get your energy/ideas/talent/TIME???
You make me feel like such a failure. Stop it.