September 22, 2011

{Performance Picnic}

Friday was my kids first concert of the season! They were so darling and had a blast!
- - - - -
Madysen adores her brother Juddie. She asked me before the concert to take the pics of the two of them. So sweet right?!

 Juddie rocked the stage. He is so dang adorable on stage I was getting teary. He is seriously so adorable singing those songs. You'll have to come see at Christmas....haha
 Madysen, as always, rocked the stage. She never misses a beat up there! Her performing has come so far I can't believe it! Her favorite song was "Let's Get Loud!" It was a great night!
We had a great night! Nonna, Papa, Grandma and Grandpa all came to see. The kids have so  much fun performing with an audience they know and love! Course we have to get Judd to stay focused on the show and not waving at us all! Something to shoot for haha!

{Are You Ready For Some Football}

Are you ready for some FLAG football?

- - - - -
My Cooper started playing flag football a few weeks ago and is having the time of his life! He is actually pretty good at it too. He is fast and agile so its a great fit for him. Plus he doesn't have to cry after each tackle. Everybody wins!

I love his face in this one. It cracks me up. Such intensity! hehe :)


Isn't he a cutie!?
QB is his 2nd favorite position. (Running back is first). But in this game, since they are 6 and it is new, they don't throw the ball much, but rather hand it off and run as fast as they can .

This game, they allowed Coop to actually throw it! He made a great pass, but sadly the boy didn't catch it! Oh well....back to hand offs!

I just love the look of pure FUN on his face in this one. I like to make sure he's playing for him, not ME Matt, and this pic proves he's having a blast!
Good job Cooper! We love watching you play buddy!

September 13, 2011

{ GIving it a Shot }

It is pretty obvious I have been doing this WAY too much this week! I just have that OCD personality that when I have something I need to learn, I go 110 MPH until I have it down. It's a curse really...
- - - - -
I am pretty happy with most of these. I am not using quit kits, but designing each page on my own so it takes a while but I like it so much better! Then each page is original!
- - - - -
I started off using free kits I found online and although I like em, the ones you pay for are INFINITELY better. Of course. Nothing in life really is free. Lesson RE learned :)
- - - - -
I love the one of Matt's Bday with the cupcake and the 2 of Madysen's Room reveal the most. Course those are some of my favorite pics too. Go figure!

What about you guys? Do you have a favorite?!
- - - - -
Wish me luck. All I have done is canning, homework and scrapbooking since...well the last time I posted pretty much. My house is neglected. Ugh. It shows. So today, I am going to scrub it all down, scrub myself down, and then...well there's probably a pretty good chance I'll be scrapbooking again.
- - - - -
Feel sorry for Matt.
If he's lucky, we won't have Spaghettios tonight.


September 5, 2011

{Digital Scrapbooking Take One}

So this weekend was Swiss of my favorite days of the year!! My Mom and sisters and I went altogether and had a blast! We shopped for nine hours! It was fantastic!
- - - - -
I bought several things but my most exciting purchase was software.
I know I know that sounds so lame!
- - - - -
But it was digital scrapbooking software and I have always wanted to learn how to do that! I threw these together in like ten minutes and I have no idea what I am doing! What do ya think...not too shabby right?