September 22, 2011

{Are You Ready For Some Football}

Are you ready for some FLAG football?

- - - - -
My Cooper started playing flag football a few weeks ago and is having the time of his life! He is actually pretty good at it too. He is fast and agile so its a great fit for him. Plus he doesn't have to cry after each tackle. Everybody wins!

I love his face in this one. It cracks me up. Such intensity! hehe :)


Isn't he a cutie!?
QB is his 2nd favorite position. (Running back is first). But in this game, since they are 6 and it is new, they don't throw the ball much, but rather hand it off and run as fast as they can .

This game, they allowed Coop to actually throw it! He made a great pass, but sadly the boy didn't catch it! Oh well....back to hand offs!

I just love the look of pure FUN on his face in this one. I like to make sure he's playing for him, not ME Matt, and this pic proves he's having a blast!
Good job Cooper! We love watching you play buddy!

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Missy said...

Look at that Cooper go! Tell him we are cheering him on too.