September 13, 2011

{ GIving it a Shot }

It is pretty obvious I have been doing this WAY too much this week! I just have that OCD personality that when I have something I need to learn, I go 110 MPH until I have it down. It's a curse really...
- - - - -
I am pretty happy with most of these. I am not using quit kits, but designing each page on my own so it takes a while but I like it so much better! Then each page is original!
- - - - -
I started off using free kits I found online and although I like em, the ones you pay for are INFINITELY better. Of course. Nothing in life really is free. Lesson RE learned :)
- - - - -
I love the one of Matt's Bday with the cupcake and the 2 of Madysen's Room reveal the most. Course those are some of my favorite pics too. Go figure!

What about you guys? Do you have a favorite?!
- - - - -
Wish me luck. All I have done is canning, homework and scrapbooking since...well the last time I posted pretty much. My house is neglected. Ugh. It shows. So today, I am going to scrub it all down, scrub myself down, and then...well there's probably a pretty good chance I'll be scrapbooking again.
- - - - -
Feel sorry for Matt.
If he's lucky, we won't have Spaghettios tonight.



Kristin said...

Great work!!! I knew you'd get sucked in eventually. Now...tell me how much easier that is then gluing and cutting real paper?!?! I LOVE IT!

I have to tell you one piece of advice...because I don't want it to happen when you print your book! Don't place anything cute (pictures or words) near the edge. Any place you print your book...especially the nice quality places...they will cut a quarter inch off of each page. I learned this the hard way. I love some of your pages...but if you have the original non-flattened jpeg image still...go back and tweak a few of your words and pictures away from the edge...or it will cut off faces ,etc. It makes me sooo mad when it does that after all of my hard work!

Keep up the good work:) That is all I've done since sunday as well! Oh...that and preschool for hours on end.

Crystal Nelson said...

Doing a super job! Isn't it a blast? I haven't touched scrapbooking since baby Addison was born, but I sure do love it!

Marietta said...

I get tons of free stuff and keep track of my favorite designer's sales on Facebook. Don't buy anything not on sale- because it WILL all be on sale at some point. Your pages look awesome! We've even bought a lot of the same stuff- we must have the same style, I'll have to share my favorite sites with you sometime that I buy from.