December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas was wonderful!
- - - - -
Isn't it always though?!
- - - - -
It was a different year for several reasons:
 First off EVERYONE is now married. This made is unique for many reasons, but it was fun to see each spouse spoil  each other.
Also, all of them seemed to need to rush through presents to get to their inlaws...which is new. Kinda weird to have to share everyone...we haven't had to have that before.
Change is hard but good...and this was no exception.
- - - - -
The other notible difference was our Juddie. On the 23rd, while at a store, Judd choked on his HUGE scab falling off his tonsils, threw it up and had a 2 inch masterpeice spewed right outside BigLots.
 Joy for all...
but then his throat hurt REALLY bad and it kinda tanked him for a good 3 days...Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day after...poor guy. He just felt really run down and tired and didn't wanna eat...PERIOD. That is SO not my Judd, so it was hard to see him miserable. Happy to report that the day we hit the 2 week mark, he is good as new and a happy boy again!
- - - - -
Ok so now that we have the dry heaves and gag reflex is our Christmas Morning! :)
- - - - -
Santa was, as usual, quite generous...someone should really stop him from being so OVERLY generous...he just can't seem to help himself anymore with these cute kids!
- - - - -
Here is Mr. Cooper's stuff...
 And our Miss Madysen's loot...
 The entire room is filled practically...these crazy kids couldn't have asked for ALL this could they?
 A few years ago Santa must have visited us VERY LAST because he left his special Santa Bag. Each year he leaves just a few presents wrapped up for the kids to find in his bag...
- - - - -
But this year was a lil different...
Here are all the presents wrapped and waiting for morning...
 I took this picture for political reasons
I would like it to be known that our family
the reason our country is in recession.
we have done our part! 
The kids flew down the stairs the second we had them all up...Madysen of course was up at FIVE A.M. and I made her wait all the way till 6:30 since Juddie had been having a rough night and needed atleast a few hours!
- - - - -
They bounded down the stairs and found a huge trampoline which lights up as you jump on it!
- - - - -
Coop's reaction was "cool"
Then he headed for his stuff
 Madysen, our drama queen, put her hand over her heart, gasped and went on and on about how awesome this gift was.
- - - - -
Atta girl!
 Juddie was only partially awake, his throat was on fire, one of his pant legs was still up around his knees...
- - - - -
In other words...well he gave it all he had on the excitement scale! :)
Then he looked over and saw what he had been dreaming of...
- - - - - -
His very own
 The other two dug right in....

 So about that Santa bag...
- - - - -
A few days before Christmas, Hollie, our family's elf...was asked in secret by the kids to PRETTY PLEASE ask Santa to bring them each a pillow pet.
 If you don't know what these are by some random chance, they are basically glorified twenty dollar pillows shaped like animals.
Mom said they took their question to Hollie.
 Each of them was THRILLED to have the pillow pet of their dreams.
- - - - -
PLEASE oh PLEASE tell me this was a must at other people's houses and that you were sucked in as well by this marketing ploy?
 Hollie made a tag for each child to let them know she had listened and delivered on that extra special request. Thanks Hollie...Mom and Dad owe ya one!

As sad as this picture my Mom says...this marks the year
- - - - -
Poor Juddie...this was the most joy he could muster! He had some lortab and got more involved a while later! 
 Judd got some rockin cute Toy Story slipper boots that he put on IMMEDIATELY
 He also got a toy story tent...
- - - - -
Which Austie couldn't resist playing with...just goes to show that men always remain kids :)
After the lortab kicked in, Judd found his bowling set and got pretty excited about that 
Then we let other people open presents
- - - - -
After all, I needed to cleat out my living room :)

This year my Dad has all the sudden become almost obsessed with trains.
- - - - -
Ya know,... the fake ones you set up on a track and they do all sorts of neat things.
Like go forward
And backward
yeah, nope that's it
Ahh Dad...
- - - - -
Well my lil sista Nan gave him a conductor's hat which I thought was quite darling! Go Nan!
 The other highlight of this Christmas for me was my sister Nan's presents!
- - - - -
She is way more practical than me, except in clothing and shoes, and didn't wanna waste money on ribbon you just throw away.
- - - - -
So THIS is what you get!
- - - - -
I laughed so hard I think I felt a pee dribble down my leg. Oh Nan! Gotta love ya!

 Brady was pretty excited to find what was underneath THIS 2" ribbon curl!
 This present wins the cutest contest!
 Isn't she darling?!

Kiki got a rockin cute Vera Wang purse...don't you just love Vera
- - - - -
And Kohls
- - - - -
Whole other post needed for that one
 Austin got some fabulous tools, which he is super excited about. He is married now and bysodoing will find the joy in honey-do-lists! It just goes with the territory right?
 Matt was naughty this year...
- - - - -
Santa came to his store a few weeks ago to get his meds refilled while Matt was working in the pharmacy. Matt offended him and Santa retaliated by giving him coal this year.
- - - - -
My Dad gave my Mom a huge and beautiful gift.
He took a picture of the SLC temple and had it done on canvas.
- - - - -
The he matted and framed it with their marriage certificate to put up in their home.
Good one Dad!
 Matt thinks he is funny.
- - - - -
A few months ago, my good bud Tammy had me watch this hysterical movie with her. It is one that you love and realize is lame all at the same time. If you haven't seen it lemme know...I am now the owner and would love to spread the joy :)
 Nonna and Papa gave the kids a hot potato game to play together! It has already had tons of use! I just may take it to preschool...:)
This one has a story...but I'll shorten  it.
- - - - -
There once was a sister named Kiki. She wanted a griddle. She bought one right AFTER the black friday sale ended and therefore didn't get the good price. She pouted. She got mad. She returned it. She wouldn't buy another grill out of principle. She SHOULD have been able to have it at a better price.
- - - - -
So her WONDERFUL SISTER AMANDA got her one instead :)
 This present was a complete surprise to me. While shopping at the boutique with my Mom, I found this and tore myself apart not buying it. I was trying SOOO hard to be careful with my money and not buy for myself this year...
 But my Mom, the Christmas elf...called up Matt and told him of my agony and they teamed up and bought it for me! Isn't he so ugly he's adorable. My entire main floor is done up in red, green and elves! SOO glad to add him to my collection!
 Matt finally moved up in the world as an owner of a blu ray. Three hours later...
- - - - -
He watched a movie :)
And was ten times better in True HD.
- - - - - I heard.
 Course I really couldn't have told ya, but apparently one of the selling points of HD is to be able to see so clealry you can capture sweat.
YUP...that explains why my interest wasn't on the same level.
Oddly enough, sweat gazing isn't one of my hobbies. I am weird like that
- - - - -
Matt was happy :)
 Last, but not least, the kiddies got TS3 on blu ray. No sweat to see but really bright colors!
Is the day you spend a good 6 months planning and shopping for really, truly over!
- - - - -
The answer is...
I already started shopping and stockpiling for next year!
- - - - -
Hope you all had a very MAGICAL Christmas too!

December 21, 2010

Countdown to Christmas!

I can hardly believe its almost here!
- - - - -
Are you as excited as we are?!?!
- - - - -
Today I finished the baking for Matt's employees! This year for his Non-management employees I made them these darling boxes filled with butterscotch brownies, frosted sugar cookies, homemade oreos with crushed peppermint sticks and chocolate orange cookies! TONS of hours later...the house smells yummy and they look pretty cute don't ya think?!?
- - - - -
The baking is done!...
The Tis the Season candle has been burning!...
The presents are laid out, wrapped beneath the tree...
Each with a pretty bow...
And fun tag...
And this one is just too cute no matter WHAT is inside this darling bag!...
The neighbor gifts are deilivered!...(aren't I witty haha jk)
And that pretty much wraps it up!
- - - - -
Now we play games and snuggle and watch movies and wait for Daddy to get home from working SUPER long hours!
- - - - -
Two more nights till Christmas Eve...we are super excited!