December 12, 2010

Hollie Jollie Are We

- - - - -
We have had a whirlwind of a weekend! So much to blog...and really WAY too many pics to post...but here are some highlights!
- - - - -
Friday night was the kids annual Christmas Party with my parents. They do different Christmas activities every year! This year, we left them to bake and decorate a gingerbread house. They did all that, went to the dollar store and had free reign, read Christmas stories and just had fun making Christmas memories!
Everyone got on their aprons just beofre we left. The kids were so ABSOLUTELY excited! They always have so much fun!
The next morning we woke up to find that our elf had tried to attack their cute gingerbread house!
This silly elf keeps us on our toes! I almost always end up cleaning up after all her crazy meses! She does have a good time during the nights while we are asleep!
Didn't they do a pretty great job! The memory is EVEN BETTER!
The next night we found our elf doing this...
- - - - -
We awoke to cut up Christmas paper and a "fort"
Inside, we found her reading nativity books and wrapping presents for the kids.
- - - - -
Inside was a fun Little People Nativity to play with and re-create the nativity at home!
While the kids played with my parents, Matt and I went to dinner, went to a fun dance recital (Go Taryn, Go Joelie!:) then we went and saw the Denzel Washington movie UNSTOPPABLE.
- - - - -
I haven't seen a movie that intense in a VERY long time! You so gotta go see it!
- - - - -
Saturday we did another family outing! We went and let the kids play at Discovery Gateway and then walked around temple square to see all the lights! We had a wonderful time. I just love watching the narrated nativity across from the Tabernacle!
Then we took the kids to see the Christus. Juddie was very inquisitive about the statue. He wanted to know why Jesus had "owies" on his hands and feet, why his beard had two chins, why his boob was hangin out, ya know...typical stuff like that! (yes I about died....where DOES he come from)
Tomorrow morning my little baby Juddie-boy is going in for surgery. He is having tonsils and adenoids removed and doing a full allergy skin test to try and help him with his allergies and asthma problems!
- - - - -
I know he will do just fine, but it is still SUPER hard as his Mommy to let him undergo all that. He is only 3 and such a small little boy...but I just have to remember it is for his own good right :)
- - - - -
I am prepared to be a total shut in for the next week atleast! YES I am done with Christmas, but I knew I had to be as I have NO idea how Juddie will do with all of this! I just hope it is all worth it ... and I am ready to be all done with this! Pray for him...and me :)
- - - - -
Hope all is well with all of you!


Kristin Bishop said...

Good luck Judd! Looks like u guys had a fun weekend! The elf thing makes me laugh.....u have to make the mess and clean it up! The things we do fornour children! I will be bringing over your Christmas gift tomorrow to cheer u up!

Missy said...

Definitely keeping both of you in our prayers.

Christmas is always so fun at your house! :) That elf has a genius for trouble. ;)

michelle said...

Good luck with Judd! Mandi and I decided to do a little cookie exchange on Wednesday at my house at 1. We will bring you a plate!

Tammy said...

What a cute post! Thank you again for coming to the girls' was so sweet of you, especially when you had a night out alone with the hubby!! And thanks for coming to Gage's piano recital, too! We will keep sending positive thoughts to Judd and his aversion to "beef"....;-)

Nelson family said...

Poor Juddie! Hope he is doing ok! That isn't fun for anyone. Too bad he can't eat ice cream to help the pain go down--but popsicles right?

Cute pics! It sounds like you had such a wonderful time! I miss temple square! I am trying to convince Joe to go to the Oakland temple as they decorate it too. But it is a lot farther of a drive than thirty minutes! Hopefully it works out!