December 15, 2010

Tough as Nails

I have never in my life known or heard of a 3 year as tough as my Judd. He is a trooper to say the least!
- - - - -
Things went well Monday. The surgeon said Judd had the some of the biggest adenoids he had EVER SEEN, and so this surgery should really help and change his life for the better.
- - - - -
He also underwent a full allergy test and we found out the following: trees, weeds, grass, cats, dogs, horses, milk, eggs and beef are on his list of things he is allergic to. Not really sure how he's even been functioning with all that going on.
Poor baby.
This has been his "PLACE" since he arrived home from the hospital, with the exception of naps and night time. He lacks energy to do anything still, including sit up to eat, but you better believe he is eating DESPITE the fact that his throat has to be KILLING him. He is eating Jello, deli sliced ham, ramen (only chicken now that we know he's allergic to beef), oatmeal, bananas, rice and many others.
- - - - -
He has endured the entire situation with almost no complaining. Every now and again he will say, "Mom, I just don't feel good." and then cuddle up on my lap and snuggle. That is the extent of his complaint. What a good boy!
- - - - -
He has to be on lortab round the clock which is the ONLY thing he has fussed about. Matt talked to the pharmacist and it has been ranked the 2nd nastiest tasting liquid drug they make, only after the liquid steroid Judd has had to take when his asthma gets out of control. We had it flavored...but still no go.
My heart breaks every 4 hours when I have to force him to gag it down :(
On top of the pain of tonsils and adenoids, he also has this to deal with. Each mark you see is a needle/shot site from the allergy testing. When they first brought me into him after surgery I nearly passed out looking at him half alive from the anesthesia and then she pulled up his pant legs to reveal this.
- - - - -
All for a good cause in the long run, but MY POOR SON. He is tougher than his Mommy that is for sure.
Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers. I know how much that has helped
- - - - -
We are not done with this whole thing, but so far it hasn't been as bad as it could simply because Juddie really is
- - - - -
I love that sweet boy! I am completely covered in snot and druel from constantly holding him. My shirt has pretty rainbows from amoxicillain, orange powerade and cherry, blueberry and rootbeer popsicles. I have gone through 3 full boxes of Kleenex since Monday. If I never see Frosty the Snowman again after this week, I will consider myself blessed. But whatever keeps him going, that's the plan. I am just grateful the surgery is over and he did so well.


The Rees' said...

poor baby. i dread the day of allergy testing... but it must be done. i haven't read your sweet little blog in quite some time. glad to see all is well and adorable your way.. as always, of course. happy holidays!!

Missy said...

What a trooper! I am glad that he is doing as well as he can. I am also so proud of you for keeping your cool when you saw him after surgery...not sure I would make it myself. :) Poor little man!

michelle said...

Poor kid! So glad you both survived!