December 4, 2010

Family Christmas Date

Today was our first annual Family Christmas Date!
- - - - -
We actually started off our day with the ward Christmas party, but sadly I didn't bring my camera! :(
- - - - -
Then we headed to one of my favorite Christmas places...
As soon as we walked in we headed straight for Santa!
- - - - -
Here are a few shots of some very excited kiddos!

Judd decided he wasn't sure he could be first, so COOPER took center stage!
He and Santa chatted about whether or not he has been being a good boy. He assured Santa he was and then asked him to PLEASE bring him a Leapster. Santa told him that sounded like a fun toy and that if he is continues to be good, he just might end up with one!
They chatted a bit more and Coop got his yummy candy stick!
Then Juddie decided he could handle his turn to bat. He warmed up to Santa quickly when the CANDY was offered!
Santa asked if he had been good and Judd nodded in quick agreement!
- - - - -
Then he asked MR. C if he could have a Buzz Lightyear!
Up next...Miss Madysen
- - - - -
She asked Santa for a Jessie doll!
He told her that was a super fun toy and that if she was good, she just might get a Jessie this year!
My little ones...oh dear they are getting so big! And dang cute!
After our Santa chats, we headed to a yummy restaurant called the Mayan for dinner!
- - - - -
We had front row seats to the cliff diving which the kids LOVED!!!
They did all sorts of AMAZING tricks which were so SUPER fun to watch
Everyone ate until they were stuffed! We are so lucky to have cousins that came too!
Then we headed back for some SERIOUSLY ROCKIN trees!
- - - - -
These are only half of the ones that WOW'd me...but there are still so many!
- - - - -
Candy trees...
Gingerbread trees...
Flocked trees...with pink, green, purple and turquiose!
Rockin pink and silver! A girlie girls dream
I wanted to steal this one and run it to Madysen's room in a heart beat!
- - - - -
A Cinderella carriage! PINK PINK PINK! Awwwhhh
Just beyond darling!
Ok Ok so this one is just super cheesy...but it made me chuckle!
I love Dr. Seuss for so many reasons...but these just capture my heart!
I decided that I simply HAVE to buy a flocked tree for one of my trees next year
It seems that almost all of the ones that captured my heart were flocked...I am sure its a SIGN
My SIL says this one looks just like mine at home...wasn't that sweet of her? I LOVED this tree the most! I can only hope that my tree looks this adorable!
I have a TON of stuff shooting out of my tree but this is a WHOLE different level! WOW
Oh yeah...and this whole set came with it too...ahhhh
This one was super cute full of cupcakes and malt shop style food, records, the whole poodle skirt days theme!
Another Gingerbread one...oh how I love anything edible to decorate with haha
ANOTHER darling flocked bright and fun tree!
Then we moved on for the REAL reason we came...another rockin performance for our Miss Madysen!
- - - - -
As always, she rocked out on the stage!
Oh my goodness...she is becoming such a darling girl and wonderful performer! I hope someday you can all see her on stage...her confidence is amazing and she is completely without fear! I am told each time by her teachers how much they enjoy her and what an AMAZING performer she is!

Then we wrapped up our experience at the homemade gingerbread houses...
- - - - -
NONE compared to the craziness of this one!
- - - - -
Check out the detail! WOW
Villages, trains, stores etc...all down to the details you can't imagine!
I have done gingerbread houses before...but never thought to add a FERRIS WHEEL! Holy cow!
The train was at a terrible angle to shoot, but seriously, its worth the drive down there just to see this bad boy!
And last but NOT LEAST...
- - - - -
My vote for the COOLEST tree of the year!
Well actually it is 4 trees bent at the top with a surfin Santa!
- - - - -
It was the ABSOLUTE MOST AMAZING tree I have seen in a long time!
So what do you think...
motivated to take your tree up a notch by any of these?

Which one (out of my faves here haha) is your favorite?
- - - - -
I know...such a hard decision!
- - - - -
We had a wonderful day together as a fam! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful hubby that pushes himself to the limit at work and still willingly spends his day off walking miles around trees just to make me happy. I am such a big fan of the Festival of Trees and I LOVE to support such a wonderful cause too!
- - - - -
Merry Christmas to all...
And to all a GOOD NIGHT :)


Leah said...

Wow that was fast. :) Thanks for letting us tag along on your family date night. My boys love being with you guys. and I LOVED the surfing Santa tress the most. It was awesome.

Missy said...

I am floored! How can a choose a favorite?!? These trees are amazing!

michelle said...

Wow! You guys really know how to have fun! I can't get over that Madysen. I wish my hair looked as good as her's always does! What great memories you guys made. Hey, did you know it is snowing on your blog? Cool.

Amanda said...

Haha yes I added the snow...isn't that SUPER fun! I did it last year too! If your blog needs snow lemme know...I can hook you up!

BTW I too am jealous of Madysen's great hair...the ANNOYING part is all these pics are atleast 4 hours AFTER I did her hair. Punk!

Thanks for the comments ladies!! xoxox

Andrea and Chuck said...

Looks like you are having fun as always!!!! He he he
When I was growing up flocked trees is all my mom would have I even remember flocking them in the garage when she thought they needed more. Love them