July 30, 2010

Mid Week Strike

This week we decided to take a break from our usual summer activities of swimming or going to the movies and try out bowling! Kids bowl free all summer at several places so we took em up on it!
- - - - -
I have to say each of my kids has their own UNIQUE way of bowling.
- - - - -
Cooper's approach is a running start. He starts at the chairs, dashes forward, and just before he throws, comes to a complete stop to drop the ball 6 inches from the foul line. It is pretty comical!
Miss Madysen contorts her body in all sorts of intersting ways trying to hurl the bowl down the lane. She happily won both games they played...thankfully as a gracious winner after the 20 minute drive home she FINALLY quit giving tips to her brothers on how they could improve on their games.
- - - - -
She is a bowling master.
Hence her beating them by TWO
Judd's approach is one that made me pretty certain he would need a cast on his toes before we left. I have no idea how he missed his toes the entire time.
- - - - -
He would throw it so soft that half the time the pins would be swept before the ball even got there.
Guess it got a bit tired of waiting....
JOIN the club
Obviously bowling was pretty fun. Lots of "Oh yeah"s and "Mom did you SEE that?"
That's how ya know its good :)
Madysen always tried to act like she could care less
UNTIL of course she did well...
Then EVERYONE got to know.
Funny girl!
Any idea why his nickname is GOOFBALL?
Judd's ball was only 8 pounds but on him it looked like 100. Poor guy
He persevered though
Thankfully so did all his bones from the waist down :S
See how Madysen WON
- - - - -
I just figured I would save her the trouble so she didn't have to tell ya

Cuz really...she would have


July 27, 2010

Summer Camp

Summer Camp with Smarty Pants Preschool was all of last you can imagine why we didn't have much time to post! We were far too busy having a ball!

- - - - -

Sadly I only remembered to bring my camera on the last day :(
Pathetic for a picture nazi I know

- - - - -

For the final day of camp we had a outdoor appreciation day! We talked about bugs and played in water! The kids had SOOO much fun!

- - - - -
We started the day off with a fun craft! Wednesday we were rained out at the park so we were finishing our homemade pizza!
Then we made butterflies! The kids loved this craft and still have their butterflies hanging up in their toy room downstairs!!!
Here is our crowd happily displaying their homemade bugs!
Then we went on a bug hunt. This sand box was FILLED with bugs of every kind and the kids got to dig and capture them all!
There were darling bug catchers to hold the "GOODS"
My kids LOOOVE the sand
Not gonna lie, I am a sand HATER but I gotta admit they sure do enjoy it a ton
After lunch we let the kids swim and play in the water! There were pools, slides, sprinklers and more!!
Then to celebrate our love of bugs and dessert we made dirt cups!
- - - - -
Every kid thought this was an AMAZING way to enjoy bugs
Coop filled his as high as he possibly could
Judd can't eat pudding so his wasn't so much a "dirt" cup
- - - - -
He didn't seem to mind
Poor kid...there is so much he doesn't get to do with his terrible allergy!
I am so grateful he rolls with the punches and that I can usually supplement for him with a different food!
We read lots of bug books but the Hungry Caterpillar is always the most favorite!!!
All the kids had an amazing time!
- - - - -
Since I don't have pics of the's a recap!
- - - - -
Monday was Dr Seuss day. We ate green eggs and ham which was a highlight. We talked about our bodies and the importance of taking care of our teeth in particular.
- - - - -
Tuesday was our five senses. We touched, tasted, smelled and tried all sorts of new fun things
- - - - -
Wednesday was community helpers day. We took a field trip to the FIRE STATION and met real firefighters. We toured the engine and then were able to see it leave on a 911 call! That was pretty exciting. Then we had a pizza man come and teach the kids how to make pizza, followed by a pizza party! So much fun!
- - - - -
Overall, it was a very full busy and SUPER FUN week! Sorry you missed it but next summer you'll HAVE to sign up!


July 10, 2010

Playing Serious Catch Up

I do in fact remain in existance. Sorry blog were the first thing to slip when my health was being onry and horrible.
- - - - -
I am FINALLY starting to feel a little better. My surgery hit me HARD and took me way longer to get on my feet than I expected. I have learned several things through this experience...
a. I NEVER wanna deal with this again
b. I have no idea why anyone is addicted to oxycotin...that stuff is HORRIBLE. And yet, I had to take more than I can bear admit because it was the only thing that helped my pain. SOOOOO glad that's over
c. I truly have the most wonderful family and neighbors in the world
d. I know precisely where my left kidney resides...not just a "somewhere in here" kind of knowledge but an exact knowledge. This is not needed per say but nonetheless...
e. I am STILL a terrible sick person and my poor husband had to force me to stay down and relax. Boy I sure do love him
- - - - -
Ok really I learned a whole lot more but those are the top 5 I suppose. I am alive, and atleast 75% back to normal and so dang happy about that. I am not taking drugs, not peeing into a strainer and not needing people to take my kids.
- - - - -
I absolutely have to take a minute to thank several people.
- - - - -
My husband...above all. He took days off, attempted to do EVERYTHING I normally do and was Mom and Dad for several days. He put up with my emotional break downs over not recovering overnight, and told me to relax, take pain meds and let myself recover. He made dinner for like 3 weeks straight, did laundry, toilets, entertained the kids...all while I slept from being knocked out on pain meds. What a man! I am more than lucky!
- - - - -
I have to thank my Mom and sister Natalee! Mom took my older kids a few times when I just couldn't handle my life. She watched them while I was in the hospital, and even though she fed Judd graham crackers and he therefor got an ear infection from his allergy, I still appreciate the help. My lil sister Nan took Judd for an entire day, brought me flowers and chocolate and even dinner one night. She checked on me everyday and offered to help however she could. What a lifesaver they were.
Next to thank is my neighbors. Wendy, Tami, Jamie, Mandi and Karen all brought dinner at one time or another. I can't really explain how amazing it is to have that one burden lifted from your thoughts. Dinner, such a simple thing, but when you feel terrible, just one more energy draining worry. Thank you thank you thank you ladies! I owe ya all big time!
- - - - -
Ok so time for a lil catch up. I will try and make this quick but like an entire month has gone unblogged so bear with me.
- - - - -
First we had Fathers day! I love this day to pamper my amazing husband and get to visit with my Dad too! We made Matt and big breakfast and a big dinner and he napped in the middle. I am certain he enjoyed his and sleep...couldn't we all use more!

Then a visit to Dad! All us girls went in together on tools!

Hope you both had a fun relaxing father's day! Love you both more than words!
- - - - -
We have also had my 2nd favorite holiday of the year go by
The 4th of July
I was all doped up on drugs and missed pretty much all of it, but Matt was the hero for the kids and took them to all the festivities while I slept and took pain meds. Then he was the hero for me by taking pics so I atleast knew what I missed. :)
Here are a few of my favorites!

Kids and cousins at the parade!

My neice Brynlee Clair!
Having a bbq and snappin pics of these adorable kids!
Lastly my favorite part of the day! I love watching the fireworks with my kids. We always eat Twizzlers, decorate our bodies with glow sticks and curl up with blankets and pillows and watch the beautiful colors. My sister always makes fun of me for singing along to the songs they play. I faithfully EVERY time end up crying. Especially when they play "God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood. That song takes me back to living in NY during September 11th. They played it hourly while they searched the twin towers trying to rescue people...and I cry every time I hear it.
- - - - -
 I am always humbled thinking of what the 4th of July really stands for. More than parades, and bbq's and is honoring this most blessed nation that we are able to live in. I don't know why I was able to be so blessed, but despite all the USA's flaws, there is no better place and I know I am lucky to be here! A special thank you to all our Armed Forces and their families. Not everyone, including me, could do what you do! Thanks!
- - - - -
There is much more to blog about, but those are the major holidays I have missed atleast! Thanks for all the support! Love ya all!