November 30, 2010

Christmas Performance

Our little Super Star Madysen has a full schedule lined up of Christmas performances.
- - - - -
Last night was a big concert with the entire choir ages 3-14!
- - - - -
They did so well and she is such a natural up there!

She is doing so amazing that she has been asked to audition to sing with the jr high kids...
and she is only in 3rd grade!
- - - - - -

- - - - -

She had a great time, and other than being disappointed that us four were the only ones in attendance, she had a blast! They have several news songs for this Christmas program and she truly shines up there on that stage!
- - - - -
We love you girl!

November 24, 2010

Are You Ready?

It's. Almost. Here!!!
Are you ready for BLACK FRIDAY?!?!
- - - - -
I could NOT be more excited!
- - - - -
Already, last night, I woke up thinking of all the DEALS!
- - - - -
I have a problem...but I don't care! I cannot wait to get out there and bask in the glory of buying all the things I already was going to purchase at half the price!
- - - - -
This year we don't even get to go to bed...finish the big dinner, play a few games, RE-OBSESS over the ads, have dessert and HEAD ON OUT!!
- - - - -
So C' many of you are going and WHAT are we most excited about?!?!

November 20, 2010


So I was sitting around wasting time on ebay and stumbled upon this!
- - - - -
- - - -
How have I lived without this darling garland
It calls to me
- - - - -
It calls to my candy tree
Why do I not have a money tree?!?
- - - - -
Any body have any extra seeds for one?

November 12, 2010

Lil Change in my Pocket

I have had a week.
- - - - -
No seriously, I feel so OFF my GAME.
- - - - -
Sadly, I am not even sure why. I feel like I have taken on too much and yet not really done enough to make me feel that way.
- - - - -
Like yesterday, BOTH times I checked the MAILBOX, it was STILL Veterans Day.
- - - - -
I must need to make more lists. Yes a list will help...hopefully.
- - - - -
It's the things that get thrown into my week that make me feel crazy. Like yesterday, Madysen was beat up at school. Literally punched and kicked on the ground crying. Did I get a call from the school? Nope.
- - - - -
That one really threw me off. I feel like I really am behind on my Christmas shopping even though I am not. Probably cuz I have a 30% off at Kohl's and I haven't bought the whole store.
- - - - -
Just little things seem to be really throwing me off. Today, I start fresh. Cleaning house, bringing out the Snowman dishes, washing flannel sheets and listening to my Christmas music. Ahhh nothing a little Christmas music can't fix.
- - - - -
Two nights ago, I had a most joyous occasion, in the midst of my weird and ridiculous week. I am not posting about it to brag, but rather inspire. (Promise :) For those of you who have only stuck a toe in the water of couponing, or those who think its really not doable, try again. THIS WAS MY MOST AMAZING TRIP EVER! Just look...
- - - - -
With Thanksgiving coming up so soon there are TONS of GREAT grocery sales going on and I figured I had better take advantage!
- - - - -
I bought ALL this...
Propel, soups, bread, pasta....a BUTTERBALL turkey (can't wait to eat this mmmm)
Stuffing, grapes, broth...
Chips yogurt...seemed to go on and on!
Practically filled my entire table!!
- - - - -
I was just as stunned as anyone. I always try and figure out about where my bill should be, but in my mind I was going to spend about 7 dollars. So when I was walking out and the girl handed me my receipt PLUS 90 cents back, I seriously couldn't BELIEVE it.
- - - - -
- - - - - -
This was actually the FIRST time they have ever PAID ME to take groceries from them haha. I usually feel amazing about being under ten dollars, but this was WAY more fun.
- - - - -
If you don't believe in coupons, or think it just takes too much GOTTA try again! As always, let me know if you need any help!
- - - - -
Have a WONDERFUL weekend! I can hardly wait!

Love, ME

November 9, 2010


I decided that today was the day to go and take some photos for our Christmas card this year.
- - - - -
A friend told me about a fun red wall and since I already had the outfits...
Off we went!
- - - - -
The only problem is now there are so many cute ones I dunno what to do!
- - - - -
Here is where you come in...I think I will use 3 to 4 pics...
Which ones are your faves?

Lemme know what you think!

November 8, 2010

Big Week for Coopie

This weekend Matt put the pedals back on Cooper's bike.
- - - - -
 We have learned that taking the pedals and teaching them balance first is pretty helpful.
- - - - -
Coop had been spending a ton of time riding down the driveway practicing his balance all week.
- - - - -
The minute Matt put the pedals back on, he was OFF
Matt ran behind him for all of 30 seconds and he was OFF
- - - - -
He had his balance and had ABSOLUTELY no troubles doing it himself!

To say he was THRILLED  and PROUD would be an understatement!
Way to go buddy!
- - - - -
We are SUPER proud of you Coopman!

November 4, 2010

Cooper's First Lost Tooth

Yesterday Cooper was eating lunch and wiggling his front tooth with his tongue when all the sudden it just FELL RIGHT OUT!
- - - - -
At first he was excited but then he touched the empty spot where his tooth had been and noticed the slightest trickle of blood...
IMMEDIATELY his face turned from thrilled to
After lots of pep talk, he became re-excited
And then we got our first TOOTHLESS GRIN!
Yeah for Cooper! I bet the next one will be any day now!

Halloween Party at Mom's

For Halloween we also had a big family party at my Mom's!
- - - - -
She is ten times more amazing than I am and the inspiration for all things fun we do for holidays!
- - - - -
This year we all wore our costumes...

Her table is always amazingly set...full of Halloween dishes and yummy food!

Darling as always
- - - - -
Here is the kiddies table!
And ten million desserts!! :)

We had a wonderful time!
- - - - -
I am SO VERY grateful for my Mom and Dad! And also for all my sisters and their hubbies! Sure do love this CRAZY family!

Everywhere we looked there was something new and fun!
- - - - -
What a genius my mom is!

She even had special POTIONS to surprise the kids
Then we played MINUTE TO WIN IT games. Super fun!

My lil sista left her teen years behind! Here she is with her cake...turning TWENTY baby! Go Ash!
It was wonderful! Can't wait for next year! Love ya Mom!