November 2, 2010

Halloween Day - What a PARTY!

For HALLOWEEN DAY we had a SUPER fun dinner party!
- - - - -
What would Halloween be without so crazy creepy food? And of course a party with LOTS of great people!
- - - - -
I made several fun desserts...
Starting with the Green Globlins!
Pretty stinkin cute for a monster don't ya think?
Then I made severed Frankenstein fingers!
Ugly yes, yummy though!:)
We had mummy faces....
And chocolate spiders!
And of course, witch hats!
Awh...look at the whole plate of globlins! So fun!
The tables were set...mood lighting on!
We ate by candlelight, surrounded by cobwebs!
Here is a shot of our group! We had LOTS of fun!

After dinner, we headed downstair to play THE FUNNEST GAME EVER!
- - - - -
It is called Just Dance
If you can't tell by the pics, it is SUPER fun and quite a workout!
Gettin our groove on baby!
Go Kaitlyn, Go Rob, Go Kristin, Go Mike-y!

The kids LOVED it too! I so love a game that EVERYONE loves to play! This game has it all!

Karen was pretty amazing...though she took the time to stretch first so I dunno if her scores even count :) hehe
More than anything, our cute kids had a BLAST
- - - - -
Gotta loves cheese for the camera!
It turned out to be a FANTASTIC party!
- - - - -
Definately worth ALL the hours of prep work :)
Love ya all!


Christee and Austin said...

Good Job on sharing mom's Halloween dinner and her cute recipes with your neighbors! That will be another fun tradition for you guys!

Tammy said...

Those are great pictures, but they can't even come close to being at that fabulous party! Your are definitely the hostess with the mostest! Thank you so much for the great time!!!

Missy said...

Madysen's socks are awesome!