May 31, 2010

**Happy Memorial Day!**

Happy Memorial Day!
I love my country and my flag. I am always humbled and honored to see it and know that we are so blessed to live here. I look at all the blessings around me and know that this truly is a choice and promised land.
I am especially grateful for the American Soldier.
The one who is fighting for our freedoms to remain in tack. I am very thankful that so many men and women are willing to put their very lives on the line to protect the freedome of my family and our nation.
- - - - -
It makes me so very mad when people say they hate our country. Sure we have problems, but there is no better place.
- - - - -
It makes me MORE mad when people who are living here on American soil do not respect it and brag about how much better their country is. WHY ARE THEY HERE THEN? Oh yeah, because the United States of America is where its at! If you are SO blessed to live here, be proud of it, that's all I'm sayin
- - - - -
One of my best friends in the world has a son over seas fighting to protect us as I type this. He is in a very serious situation and it is never known if/when he will return. What a choice individual he is and I pray for him often.
- - - - -
All I can possibly say is THANK YOU.
I know it is not enough, but THANK YOU  is all I have.
Times like Memorial day and 4th of July remind me of my uncle, Ty Richins, who passed away in a tragic car accident about a year and a half ago. I have yet to see someone more patriotic than Ty.
I miss him so much it hurts sometimes. I hope he knows that my love of my country stems largely from his example.
- - - - -
I hope you all have a great memorial day enjoying the freedom of our wonderful country!


May 28, 2010

Playin Catch Up

Last weekend we had so much fun just hangin out as a family! We designated Friday as "Homemade Pizza Night". The kids had so much fun they wanna make it weekly tradition!
- - - - -
Judd had the most fun with the rolling pin.
The other two got really into it too!
- - - - -
Madysen figured out how to makes her pizza look like a heart and was THRILLED
We ate pizza till we were stuffed and there was still some left over!
We made ham, pineapple and olive pizza!
Saturday morning started early with soccer soccer soccer!
Coop played at 9:30 and Madysen at 9 so I only have pics of his!
- - - - -
This was Cooper's greatest game EVER
He scored 7 goals and was on fire. He was stealing the ball, driving it all the way from the opposing goal and scoring! It was amazing and he was more than proud!
Then it was trophy time. We didn't know any of the boys but they were so darling and learned to be great teammates!
Miss Madysen showing off her AYSO trophy!
Then it was off to the ward party!
- - - - -
All three kids wanted their faces painted. The YW had it all set up for them and they did a really good job!
- - - - -
Madysen asked for a butterfly...
Cooper wanted to be a pirate...
Judd got this super pirate job...
- - - - -
He wanted to just keep looking in the mirror to see how "sweet" he looked
We played volleyball, had a bbq, a bounce house, a fish pond, and a treat pool
Matt is such a not fair he has huge arms
We had so much fun!
It was so fun to be together just us again and to be busy having fun!
Hope you all had great weekends either!

May 26, 2010

Just A Little Different

So even though Matt and I have been married quite a while now, there are still moments when we have to realize that there was a time when we were not together. During that time, we ran our lives very different.
- - - - -

Every now and then we have a moment when this fact becomes oh so apparent
- - - - -
Like yesterday for example...haha
- - - - -
Matt and I were standing in the kitchen and talking about what we should have for dinner. Matt opened the fridge and the most offensive smell oozed out and lingered a good two minutes after.
I HAVE NO IDEA what in the world it was.
- - - - -
I gagged and acted like I was going to pass out, while Matt just stood there unoffended by the hidious scent
- - - - -
I immediately got out my to do list and in huge letters with stars on either side wrote:
*****CLEAN FRIDGE*****
- - - - -
You see, when I was growing up, my Mom took a lot of pride in a clean house. I learned to ever appreciate the joy that vacuum lines can bring, the happy scent of Lysol and to be overly offended by dust. My Mom loves a clean house, and although I have taken it to an unhealthy obsession practically, I learned to love to be clean from my Mom.
- - - - -
Matt's response to the situation was a bit different. He DID NOT get out his To Do List. He simply suggested that I put a box of baking soda in the fridge.
- - - - -
- - - - -
I gotta be honest, baking soda NEVER ONCE crossed my mind. Nope. Not once
- - - - -
You see I was raised to be a clean freak. Matt....well he was NOT. Not at all. No joke here
- - - - -
I seriously just sat back and laughed at the different reactions we had. A big deal, NO. But just funny that he and I have been together so long and still can handle things in such different ways.
- - - -
I love my husband with all my heart. He is my favorite person in the world hands down! He is the polar opposite of me in so many ways, and yet somehow, we couldn't be happier. He is relaxed when I am ... well not so relaxed. He is perfect for me and I love a chance to laugh at how great he really fits me
- - - - -
Maybe someday the smell of Lysol will bring a smile to his face.
- - - -
Well, ya never know...maybe in another 20 years


May 21, 2010

A Full Week

Here is a glimpse at a few things we have been up to...

First off...finally getting our garden expanded and planted. We have a raspberry bush, strawberry patch and a veggie garden! Yeah for us!
Finally started my spring cleaning.
My blinds were so dusty I wanted to die.
I vacuumed like a crazy woman for 4 hours one day trying to overcome the dust.
Sadly, its ALREADY back
I bought something new for my kitchen...
I love Rod Works btw
Did a little baking...
Check out my recipe blog at
Then I finally got to plant my pots and beds!
Within a day or two I already had hot pink presents waiting just outside my door!
This is one of my perennial plants!
I have absolutely no idea what it is but it comes back and looks gorgeous every spring. Gotta love that!
These little guys are coming back too...
Apparently hot pink is a favorite of mine hehe

Last but NOT least, I watched Biggest Loser!
Have you been watching?
Are you so surprised at what happened this week?
Who do you hope wins?
My vote is for Daris actually...but I would be happy if any of the guys win really
Let me know your thoughts!
I am so very glad it is the weekend!
Now if only we could have all that sunshine back to get the garage clean...
Oh well...I guess we'll find SOMETHING to do with our time ;)
Have a super fun weekend!


May 17, 2010

** Confessions of a Monday **

Mondays are always was no exception other than it started 2 hours earlier than usual

5:55 Alarm goes off

6:05 Matt snuggles up to me to remind me the alarm went off ten minutes ago...good thing cuz I was totally fast asleep again

6:20 Leave for the double coupon sale at Smiths and realize that I am crazy to be up this early for coupons

7:05 Check out at Smiths and watch my receipt go down to this
7:06 Realize I just saved 77 percent and am happy I went after all! Get home and look at my finds...

8:30 Take Madysen and Taggert to school

8:40 Head to the park with a friend to do our daily 3 miles, followed by some girl chat time at the park while kids play

11:00 Finally decide there is much to be done and leave the park :(

11:20 Send boys outside after sunscreen to play on the grass. They immediately head straight for the dirt. I do not care...I have things to do

12:00 Organize coupon binder, unload and reload dishwasher, change laundry, vacuum, mop, clean bathroom and dust.

12:50 Boys think they are so hungry they are wilting away, so we make a picnic lunch.

1:30 Put boys to bed. Time to get back to work. Change laundry again. Head outside to work on garden

1:40 My neighbor kindly went and got a trailer full of mulch. I decide to "help" Matt out but shoveling it into the garden. I decide that using a snow shovel is a better idea cuz it's lighter and could I go wrong?

1:43 Realize that my snow shovel sucks and I am getting no where fast. Grab a wheel barrel and real shovel. Things progress SO MUCH faster. Why do I always think I can find a better way? I annoy myself sometimes

2:30 Finish the mulch and I am disgusting. I decide I gotta sit for a minute

2:35 Realize sitting is just not in me. I am such a terrible relaxer. Chat with my SIL for a min then, back to laundry and talk on the phone with a friend trying to ease her into the joy of coupons and help underwhelm her. Poor girl...I promise it'll get easier once you are organized. :)

3:40 Kids are awake and home from school. I love this time of day. Everyone is happy and rested and we all gather for a snack in the kitchen. Homework, snuggles and stories of the day.

3:45 Judd has a meltdown because he is sick of animal crackers being his snack. I guess groceries are on tomorrow's list

4:15 I finally shower. I know...don't judge me

5:00 Dinner of leftovers...I am thrilled. I am ALONE

5:30 Head off to my job. Matt and kids prepare for tball.

7:30 Home from work and get kids washed, jammied, say prayers. After kisses, snuggles, drinks and songs, we close the doors on their Monday.

7:35 More laundry. Seriously I am thinking naked is the answer.

8:00 Out to conquer the garden. I shovel more and more compost and Matt is rockin the tiller. (Hours later he will still feel like he is vibrating) We finally get the ground the consistency we want and plant our fruits and veggies. Don't forget, you promised you'd pray!

10:40 Finally get a minute with my hubby and fall into his arms to relax. Too bad biggest loser isn't on Mondays. That would have been nice. Oh well...moving on hehe. As our joyous evening activity, we clip coupons. He has never been more excited in his life.

11:15 I am acutely aware of every muscle in my arms and back from the shoveling. I took 4 ibuprofen to no avail. I can barely keep my eyes farewell to you Monday! See ya next week!Photobucket

May 16, 2010

Weekends Highlights

  • Listening to my kids giggle and laugh till their eyes teared up at what my hair did while driving with the windows down on the highway

  • Driving past a sign that informed me that May is, and I quote, "ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN AWARENESS MONTH". Wow...super good to know. Let's all celebrate all the asian pacific americans we know this month cuz IS their month. Seriously?!?!?!

  • Getting 2 full unbothered hours of nothing but cuddle time with my husband. We had an exhausting week and after the wedding we came home, put the kids to bed and then just flung our tired bodies on the bed. We laid there in each others arms all yummy and talked and rested. I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open, and every now and then I would open my eyes to find my hubby just watching me sleep. I asked him what he was thinking...of course cuz that's what us wives do...and he said he was just thinking how much he loves me. He also said he was remembering how ten years ago all he could do was kiss me, and he would, until I would fall asleep in his arms. It would be 4 a.m. and he would just hold me and watch me sleep. I had no idea of course, cuz I was sleeping. I love him so much...and that was a sweet memory! I am not sure I can tell him how much I love him...but hopefully he kinda knows!

  • My lil sister's wedding was of course a highlight. Sadly, I forgot my camera on the desk and do not have one picture. I am so happy for her. She looked gorgeous in her awesome dress. They were married in a cute reception center and Miss Madysen got to be the flower girl. As soon as they started to play "Canon in D" I started to bawl watching my lil girl sprinkle petals down the aisle. I felt better as Leah, Nan and Ash were all tearing up as well...thanks girls hehe! The ceremony was nice and so was the dinner. It was a perfect day outside and such a nice day for a wedding! Now they are heading off on a cruise and wonderful honeymoon...I am only totally jealous!

  • Saturdays in spring bring soccer and lots of it! Cooper scored a goal today and had such a blast playin! Even if the treats are the real reason he plays :). Madysen played super hard and assisted in two different goals! I am so happy my kids are learning to love to be active and play sports. I think there is a lot of good that comes from playing nice and being on a team..not to mention physical fitness!

  • We expanded our garden this weekend. It is nothing compared to the farmland we have going on behind us, but it is triple the size it was before. I feel pretty good about we'll see if anything grows. I am not a professional gardner by any stretch of the imagination, but it is pretty rewarding growing something you can actually go outside and pick and eat. Pray for my garden for me will ya...thanks. It can use LOTS of help. Promise you'll pray? Ok then...

  • While sitting out one quarter of her game, Madysen, Matt and I were quietly listening to the "I wanna be a billionaire" song. After the part about Oprah, Matt asked Madysen, "Who is Oprah? Are you Oprah?" To which Madysen rolled her eyes at him and replied, "NO DAD. Oprah is a brown person." I tried to contain my laughter as best I could, but I won't lie, it was SO not easy.

  • We had a bbq and ate outside Saturday night. There are so few days that you can eat's either too cold, too hot or too mosquito infested to enjoy. Saturday was none of that. It is so amazing how the same food, on the same plates eaten just 20 feet away on a different table can be so much more fun. My kids thought it was the greatest surprise of their lives! And as a bonus...ALL 3 (yup Madysen too) ate artichokes with us! Wow...a green veggie...I nearly died! It was wonderful!

  • I let go a little as a mom. I know I one can believe that. But its we were working in the yard Judd refused to keep his shoes on. I fought it for the first half hour, and then just let it go. He went around for hours, riding bikes, playing in dirt, just being boy...completely shoeless. I am sure he loved it, and I lived. Course now I have to scrub the tub :(

  • Sunday I made the perfect dinner for the fam...everything from scratch...roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, fruit salad, corn and homemade rolls. I did this while everyone slept. When Matt got up, I sarcasticallly said "Thanks for the help". He let me know several times (and Heavenly Father too) how thankful he was for a yummy dinner. I didn't mean to make him feel guilty...but it was kinda funny anyway! Love that man! **wink wink**
Overall, a perfect weekend. Great weather, great memories, great food and time well spent. I long for and look forward to the "My family only" weekends when its just the 5 of us hanging out, playing and working together. They are already too rare and something about them just always feels so good and so right! I think we'll plan another one for next weekend :)


May 13, 2010

**My Son Cooper**

I decided to make a quick list of 20 reasons I LOVE COOPER!!!
  1. His beautiful bright blue eyes
  2. He never misses a chance to give me a dandelion flower
  3. He likes to snuggle and watch movie with me
  4. He has the craziest hair that only sticks straight out
  5. He makes instant friends with anyone he meets
  6. He is sensitive
  7. He will try almost any food...once
  8. He is good at self entertaining
  9. He will squish spiders when his Dad is not home
  10. He thinks he is pretty amazing at any and all sports
  11. He potty trained at 2 in one day
  12. He was adorable to watch as the magic of Disneyland overtook him
  13. When I ask him a favor, his response is always "sure" ( love that answer)
  14. He eat carrots so he doesn't have to "be blindfolded with glasses" later in life (his words)
  15. He has the most infectious laugh
  16. Every Sunday he tells me he can't wait to be old enough to pass the sacrament
  17. He tells me a lunch as simple as chicken nuggets and string cheese is the best lunch EVER!!!
  18. He is convinced a Bandaid heals wounds instantly and is an immediate pain releiver
  19. He still likes to make Santa beards out of his bath bubbles
  20. He lights up whenever I come home and runs to give me a big hug!

You are truly my "son"shine Cooper! I love you very much!


May 12, 2010

Just a Lil Joggin

Today we went for a jog.
- - - - -
Funny thing about jogging…I have always longed to be a jogger. One simple reason really. People who run are always skinny. I can’t even remember not wanting to be a jogger really.
- - - - -
Matt and I are together because of my desire to be a jogger really. We met at Snow College in 1999-2000. I saw him and melted. A puddle on the floor. I would go to every basketball game just to look at him. I started to find out more about him as we (by Heavenly design) ended up being in 2 classes together second semester. He drove the tiniest car on the planet, a Ford Festiva. I would watch all around campus for the crazy, clown sized car and my heart would skip a beat whenever I saw it. One night I saw it parked at the institute building and had to find a reason to bump into him. I went home, threw on my running shoes, (knowing as a bball player he would admire my athleticism,) and went for a “jog”. Actually I just ran back and forth in front on the institute building until he came out and saw me. It was a 2 minute conversation, but worth it in the end. We have an eternal happy ending after all. This only fed my desire to become a real jogger as he clearly found out later that it was all a set up. Sorry babe
- - - - -
Life didn’t really set me up to be a jogger. There are a dozen women in my neighborhood going through pain and paying tons of money for boobs…BOOBS…the very thing that makes running so bloody hard for me. Well that and the burning…let’s not rehash that though. I have to wear 2-3 bras just to jog. Rough, but it is what it is.
- - - - -
So I am back on the bandwagon and we went running today. Not far, but hey I was out there. The boys were packed in the double jogger and we set off.
- - - - -
As a fun twist to our normal routine, we stopped off at the park. I sat in the double jogger while they played and just thought about how fast time is going with my kids. I love them all so much and I just enjoyed the moments of them playing happily in the sand. It was a fun morning.

Of course the first run down the slide, Judd landed in a huge puddle and had a very wet yucky bum.
He walked as best he could in a way his pants didn't touch his legs
Sad for him
Hilarious for any onlookers
Thankfully for us all, he got over it
Cooper said he wanted to try the monkey bars
I guess what I didn't understand is that really just meant he wanted me to carry him and he would move his hands.
Cooper loves to strike a pose for me
You'd think I take a lot of pictures or something
My lil Judd Bugs!
You are just so delicious I could kiss you all day!
Happy Wednesday Everyone!