May 4, 2010

**Day Two in Paradise**

Day two of our trip began with more fun from Grandpa! He went out for a cup of coffee and made the mistake of inviting the kids. Thirty dollars later he had coffee, but a whole lot more for the kids hehe!
_ _ _ _ _

The women set out for the beauty show in Vegas and the men and kids cleaned up the condo and headed for the parade followed by the carnival! They had a blast and collected a huge bag of candy for their drive to Vegas. After a quick stop at Retro (worthy of its own post later hehe) they all went to the new 3D movie How To Train Your Dragon! Grandpa liked it so much he was willing to go again!

_ _ _ _ _

So at the IBS Vegas 2010 show, the 3 women partied hard in the joy of all things girlie! We bought purses, jewelry, make up and all things that glitter! Seriously we bought glitter make up, glitter spray and had glitter extensions put in our hair!
Grandma's hair being 2 inches long was a little tricky but the girl persevered!
Isn't she a rockin hot Grandma? She had gold glitter strings put in her bangs!
We wandered the show for hours and hit our wallets hard. Mom went to a class and Grandma and I ventured to the spa side of the show. We bought a drink and had a seat to relax for a while. We waited for Mom and once she arrived,  Mom and I decided to get our teeth whitened. We sat down and had the gel and lights in our mouth. The whole process takes 40 minutes so we sat down to relax. About ten minutes in, Grandma realized she had left her purse at the place we had our drinks. She went back and it was gone. Mom and I were stuck unable to help for 25 minutes! It was horrible! For 2 hours we looked with no hope! Not a great day 2 of a 10 day vacation! After hours and countless prayers, 19 missed phone calls of me attempting to find the purse, someone turned it in! Imagine our delight when we received that call! Amazingly enough not a thing was touched in her purse! Crisis one was resolved!

_ _ _ _ _

Meanwile, after the movie the men and kids checked us into the Sahara. Matt took the bags and checked us in while Grandpa got the kids out and took em inside. They checked in, put all our luggage in the rooms and headed back to the car. When they arrived at the car, they realized that Grandpa had left the door completely open wide. Matt's itouch and our dvd players were inside. Miracle one touched anything! It was open atleast a half hour and somehow things were all left alone! We all vowed to be nicer about our opinions of Vegas from now on!

_ _ _ _ _

So with 2 near crisises behind us, we called up our cousin April and her beau Justin to go to dinner! It was April's bday and we headed to TGIFridays for a yummy meal filled with hysterical conversation! Justin was a hoot and we had a bunch of fun getting to know him better!
Happy Bday April!!!
Day two was an emotional rollercoaster filled with almost disasterous incidents but thankfully turned out to be fun!

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