May 4, 2010

**My Lil Jedis**

Although neither of my kids had a clue what Star Wars is even about, they were very excited to train to become Jedis. We had to stake out our seats 40 minutes before the show to ensure front row seating and a chance at being picked by the Jedi Master! We started to get nervous that neither would be picked, then Madysen was and Cooper wasn't. Thankfully right at the end Coop was chosen. Whew...that would have been rough! They were so excited at the thought they couldn't stop smiling...and neither even knew what they were in for!

This is the Jedi Master! He was hilarious and very entertaining!
Coop just after being picked and putting on his padawan robe
Madysen is ready...for what she doesn't really know...but she's ready!
The Jedi Master taught them to always be careful with a lightsaber. He told them to never use it for anything but to defend as starting fights was not the Jedi way.
Cooper was just taking it all in hehe
Gotta love the intensity
Then the storm troopers arrived....
And brought more trouble...Darth Vader. Vader tried to convince the kids to come to the dark side, so they had no choice but to defend with their light sabers
Cooper was a little leary of getting that close to Vader, but with the Jedi Master's help they persevered
Six strikes and zero limbs later Coop had defeated Vader! Way to go buddy!
Jedi Madysen had to fight off Darth Maull
Her helper was able to talk her through all the right moves
The Master congratulated them all for being strong
Madysen and Cooper both received Jedi awards for a job well done
Way to go you two! May the force STAY with you ;)

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