May 4, 2010

Disney Day One**California Adventure

Monday started out awesome! We got up early, ate a yummy breakfast at our awesome hotel and got in line for the shuttle bus! Here is the group oozing with Disneyland excitement!
Madysen and Cooper were even excited to be on the shuttle! Cooper was a little confused and thought the bus was part of a Disneyland ride. He learned very quickly that the fun had not yet started!
We started off riding Soarin Over California! This is my favorite ride of all time! I have never experienced a ride quite like this one! We always hold out for front row,cuz well its the very best!
_ _ _ _ _

After Soarin we found these two waiting to meet us! You just can't pass up Mater and Lightning!
Then we heade for Bugs Land and ran into Mr Donald Duck himself!
Donald was Coop's first autograph ever and he was more than excited!
A fun group shot of the magic beginning at Disneyland!
On our way out of Donald's pavilion, we were greeted by Pluto!
Next was Flik's Fun Fair! Coop really loved this as we all did really! There is so much imagination and no detail was spared in making this land! We all had a super fun time on Tuck and Roll's Bumper Bugs!
_ _ _ _ _

Here are Grandma and Grandpa trying to get revenge on Cooper!
His first experience driving! Good thing we have ten more years to perfect it is all Im sayin
Matt had a fun time shoving his legs into this (well pretty much all of the) ride!
Madysen was determined to get Nonna
Then we headed to Heimlicks train ride! Nothing thrilling as far as speed but very cute!
As we walked to the thrill rides in the back we were stopped by some of Andy's Toys! The bucket of soldiers were out and called Madysen and Cooper out of the crowd to come put on a show with them!
They taught them tricks and how to act like a soldier! It was super darling!
Then we headed for California Screamin! Coop was 47 inches and had to be 48 to ride so sadly he never had the joy! Grandma tolerated it with her eyes closed, but the rest of us LOVED every second on this ride! This coaster is seriously a huge amount of fun!
Then we ran into Mr. Incredible! Isn't he charming!
Did I mention that Grandma and Grandpa were celebrating thier 45th anniversary? Grandma bought Grandpa a pin of Mickey and Minnie standing inside a wedding ring and he proudly wore it on his hat!
45 years....way to go guys!
After a fun day of riding rides, we staked out our parade spot! It was a great spot to watch, but sadly a terrible spot for pictures as the sun destroyed most of them! Here are the few that turned out semi ok
(Clearly I didn't take my new awesome camera...sorry to us all)
We had an exhausting but fabulous day! We never waited more than 5 minutes in any line and the weather was a perfect 69 degrees! Couldn't have asked for more!

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