May 4, 2010

**Time for take off**

After loading up cars, checking Madysen out of school, dropping Juddie off at Spencer and James house and stopping for a very yummy lunch at Noodles & Co, we were on our way! We drove a few hours and then stopped for gas and a potty break. Grandpa offered (the first of many) ice cream for the kids! Cooper and Madysen both chose a push pop ice cream! Bright red btw...oh well its Grandpa's car right?
Watching movies and eating ice cream! What gets better!
_ _ _ _ _

And yet it did haha!!!

_ _ _ _ _
I turned around and Coop was sticking his tongue down as far as he could to get the ice cream out. He didn't realize that he could push the ice cream up with the stick. He had red ice cream all the way around the inside of both nostrils and all over his whole cute face!
We stopped for the night in Mesquite and Aunt Bette's nice little condo! We had a nice authentic Mexican meal and swam for about 15 minutes before the pool Nazi kicked us out. We went to bed early but no one really slept as the kids were so excited to finally be on vacation!

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