May 10, 2010

:) A Lucky Girl

I had a very wonderful Mother's Day. I love Mother's Day for so many reasons. I always start off with a sweet card from my wonderful husband, followed by church where my kids sing to me, and then the much aniticipated tea party at my Mothers house.
- - - - -
What is not to love about that?
- - - - -
More than that it gives me a chance to reflect and ponder about what a lucky girl I really am.
- - - - -
I have been so greatly blessed by being a mother. When I was in high school and college and I was supposed to be choosing a future major etc., I always stuggled. I didn't want a career. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy working. I did then and still do now. A career has just never been in my plans.
- - - - -
All I have ever wanted was to be a mother. I think it is the most wonderful calling in the universe. It has its rough days, but they are always outweighed by the pure joys it brings. I remember finding out for the first time that I was going to be a mother. Matt and I went to the temple and prayed long and hard about it, but I just knew before the spiritual confirmation that it was what I wanted. The moment I took the first positive test, I was elated. I ran out to tell Matt and could hardly keep it a secret for an hour to tell my parents and family. Waiting 9 months was hard but well worth it. Each of my children has blessed my life and made everything worth it.
- - - - -
Madysen is my only girl and I am so grateful she came first. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for her. She is sweet, smart and helpful. She loves me through all my faults. What a wonderful blessing motherhood is for that reason alone. Madysen is a wonderful example to me.
- - - - -
My oldest son Cooper is a huge source of joy to me. He always knows when I need a hug or a sweet smile. He has the most beautiful blue eyes in the universe. He is a sensitive child which is hard at times, but I know will be a great asset to him in the long run. He makes me laugh and loves to snuggle during church and movies.
- - - - -
Judd is my baby, always will be. He melts my heart on a daily basis. He is a snuggle bug and we have a very special relationship. He is still young enough that there are times when no one will do but me, and I LOVE THAT. He has so much personality wrapped up in one little boy. He always has a kiss for me. We have our own special saying. I ask who loves him and he sweetly answers Mama. This happens 100+ times a day. You know, just so he remembers :)
- - - - -
As if having my own children isn't enough, I come from amazing women. My Mom and Grandma are my best friends and heroes. Matt rolls his eyes at us all the time because we are so goofy together. I love them both more than I could possibly know and aspire to become like them someday. I love the saying, "All I am and ever will be I owe to my mother". The only thing missing from that is "and Grandmother". I am so blessed to live within 5 minutes of each of them. They are my rock!
- - - - -
Enough of my rambling right...
- - - - -
This mothers day was clearly wonderful.
Matt allowed me to "sleep in" as much as possible with my 3 plus 4 cousins running through the house. I came downstairs to find this...

- - - - -
Aw Matt how did you know?!? :)
- - - - -
I love to bake, clearly, and I always need a clear cake plate
But this one comes with a lid
Love love love it!
- - - - -
If you follow my recipe blog, you'll be sure to see this guy lots
After breakfast, we went to church. It was wonderful because it was fast and testimony meeting. We heard lots of great words from our ward members and then were blessed by hearing our primary kids sing us a few mothers day songs. I so love that! Cooper loves to stand up there and charm his audience with his adorable smile and bright eyes. Oh yeah...and sing too :)
Then the ward gave us each a pretty plant. I hope to plant it later today
- - - - -
Then it was time for the tea party. I look forward to this every year. Kinda weird because I end up spending a lot of mother's day without my kids, but being with my mom, gma and sisters really fills up my bucket!
- - - - -
My mom always has the table set so beautifully
All the fine pretty china sets come out...
There are beautiful flowers to remind us to find the beauty in womanhood
She set a special table up for Madysen and her cousin Hannah.
These girls had the time of their lives
It was adorable
Oh yes...
- - - - -
Then there is the food. Beyond glorious
- - - - -
And oh so pretty
Just to name a few...
Chocolate orange chocolate chip cookies
Lemon bars
Chocolate dipped strawberries
Butterscotch brownies with ganache
Madysen wasted absolutely no time
My sweet mother always shares a thought with us about the joy of womanhood.
- - - - -
We are all very girlie in my fam. Four girls, lots of makeup, heels and pink have always surrounded us. She read us a part of a talk by Elder Ballard letting girls/women know how wonderful it is to be a woman and that Heavenly Father made us different on purpose. Women are divine
- - - - -
What a wonderful, needed reminder for us all
It was a wonderful day. We sat around the table and laughed, talked and shared memories.
- - - - -
I love the women in my life. They are wonderful
- - - - -
As are my daughter and her sweet cousin
They had so much fun
And its always fun to hang out with my sisters
Sadly, we missed Ash who was working
Leah was missed too. Lots! :)
Next year exceptions
My Mom and My Grandma
- - - - -
Just thinking about how much I love these women brings tears to my eyes.
Plus, aren't they so cute hehe
The little girls played and played while us women talked.
Everyone had a wonderful day!
I hope you all had a wonderful mother's day as well
Know that I love you all!
- - - - -
Now you all know that I TRULY am a lucky girl!


Kristin Bishop said...

such a cute post! You ARE lucky. I want to go to a tea party:):)

Leah said...

So FUN!! I am sad I couldn't be there. I love your family so much. Your mom and Grama are amazing. and tea parties are my favorite :( at least we can have a fun party this weekend. I know your mom knows how to throw an amazing party. Can't wait :)