May 4, 2010

**Disneyland here we come!!**

Day 2 in Anaheim was all about Disneyland! We arrived as the park opened and headed straight for Tomorrowland! We all rode Space Mountain and forgot how totally awesome it really is! So over the next 3 days we rode it about 10 more times! Cooper hated it the first time, tolerated it the 2nd time, and by the third time declared it his favorite ride of all his life (his words, not mine). We rode Star Tours, again not with Coops approval but he lived hehe!
After Space rides we headed across the way to Buzz Lightyear...and guess who was across from his ride....
Coop was very excited to meet Buzz! He was Buzz for Halloween this past year even! Big fan!
Then we headed to Toontown! The kids so loved this place
Madysen had the amazing opportunity to perform for the second time in Disneyland at Carnation Stage! I was a backstage helper and can now testify that the magic is only where you see it, not backstage haha! It was an amazing experience to work with Disney behind the scenes though. Disney so has it all together! Our kids did the most awesome performance of all time! They were sparkling true performers in every way!
Our Miss Madysen even got to do a solo during Chatanooga ChooChoo and she so rocked it!
This is how Cooper stayed entertained during the whole performance. This kid can seriously do amazing things with an ice cream. Specially for being 5
Then we went to It's a Small World. You only need to ride it once to learn the song. Seriously...over and over. You singing it yet? Thought so
Madysen was dying to drive her own car. So we let her...but she wasnt strong enough to push on the gas pedal herself so a ride operator had to jump in with her and do the pedal haha. Dream crusher
It started to get a little breezy so we took the shuttle back to the hotel, put on jeans and light jackets and went to Red Robin for dinner!
This was a special day for lots of reasons, but mostly

It was Madysen's 8th birthday!!!
We sang to her, ordered her favorite meal and then they brought her a big fudgy sundae!
I cannot beleive my little girl is already 8!
It seems like just yesterday...
This was us! Eight years ago we first met and it was love at first instant! I couldnt believe how much I knew I loved you instantly. I knew your sounds, your cry and what you wanted and didn't want immediately. It was weird how connected we both were so instantly but it was true! You taught me patience as you were several days late (grrr) and then didn't sleep till you were 4 months old, day or night. You have always been a helpful happy girl and a joy to our whole family! We love you so very much and are so grateful to have you in our family! Happy bday kiddo!

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