May 7, 2010

**Happy 70th BDay Grandma Dazee**

This week was my Grandma's 70th bday! She stopped by and we just had to give her our present! I love giving presents!
- - - - -
 Ok so I have to brag...this is THE greatest present!
I bought one for me a while ago and didn't even look at the price...yup its that rockin awesome!
As soon as my gma saw mine she wanted one too...perfect with her bday around the corner!
Not only is it a diamond cupcake (that melted my heart immediately, my two faves) but it is a super super strong magnet. Cute cupcake on the front, magnet on the back. You chuck your keys into your purse and that super duper magnet grabs em and holds em tight so you can instantly find your keys!
- - - - -
 - - - - -
Is that not so awesome! I LOVE purses and switch mine all the time, but they all seem to be a giant pit of space and it takes me 20 minutes to find my keys
- - - - -
That was the old me though...Now I sport a sparkly diamond magnet that has changed my world for the better!
- - - - -
And doesn't she look super hot for a 70 year old Grandma! I can only hope I am as awesome as she is EVERY way!
My Grandma has always been one of my heros. I grew up with her living a block away and it was the most wonderful thing ever. Every day when I would get home from elementary school, I would go into our office and call her. We would talk about my day, and then hers and make plans for our next fun visit with each other! She would take me to movies, the zoo, the aquarium...all sorts of fun places.
I absolutely adored being at her house. She stashes candy in a million dishes all over the house and I made it my task to always know what was in each. She also had a hot tub that I simply adored. So many of my favorite childhood memories are of this awesome woman right here!
Did I mention that she is also a nutcase?!? Yup that's her with pig tails and blue tongue at our annual Halloween party! My Grandma has provided us with SOOO many countless hysterical memories at the crazy, silly, funny things she does. Some on purpose, but most, not so much haha!
I love you Grandma! I hope that 70 is much better than 68 and 69. Those were rough....let's hope this new number brings you total happiness and lots of fun memories!


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