May 4, 2010

Disney Day Three!!!

Our third day we decided to go back to Disneyland since it takes several days to hit everything there! We started off with Splash Mountain...6 of us thought it was really fun. Mom was the one who didn't...look closely at her face in the picture...hilarious!

Mom and Matt got really soaked...Mom so much she went back to the hotel and changed clothes!
While we waited for her to get back we rode Winnie the Pooh!
And Grandpa taught Coop how to shoot. Sadly he didn't have enough strength to hold the rifle so we all had to help him a little...but he had a blast (no pun intended)
Then we headed back to Downtown Disney for lunch and some arcade time!
We found some serious fun at the ESPN zone...
Playing in the arcade! I was able to score some serious deals to hook us up with free arcade points so the kids played for quite a while
Cooper totally loved the skiing simulator
As did Nonna....haha
We ate lunch and then headed to ToonTown again for one last sneak peek! Madysen had been dying to go on Gadget's Coaster
Matt so doesn't fit in this one so he held back to take the pics hehe
Madysen was clearly so excited
Here is a fun group shot of our party
Madysen and Cooper going for a lil drive through Toon Town
What a wonderful day we had!

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