May 4, 2010

Having a little tea party....

For Madysen's 8th bday we had an early celebration with friends, Moms and a fun tea party! We told everyone to come dressed in pearly, hats and their fancy tea party attire! This is the star,..
Miss Madysen!
Each guest had a place card and a few fun surprises awaiting!
Our party was full of food! We had Cordon Bleu Bites, Raspberry Tiara Sandwiches, Fruit kabobs and dip, Unicorn calzones, Chocolate cherry turnovers, Cream puffs, Dipped pirouettes, Blondies with butterscotch ganache, lemon bars and cupcakes! For drinks we had hot chocolate with creamers and/or homemade punch! Oh it was yummy!

Salami and cheese tiara kabobs!
Our fruit kabobs
Raspberry tea sanchwiches cut into tiaras!
Madysen and her Bestie Amiya! Two peas in a pod! Amiya gave her a Barbie cuz she said Madysen didn't have enough. She counted only 4 when she came over...I guess the other 15 were hiding hehe!
Madysen and her good friend Tyler! Tyler loaded her up with all sorts of fun stuff for our upcoming trip to Disneyland! What a great idea!
From Mom, Madysen received...
Well I am sure you guessed clothes!
Hey accessories too! wink wink
After present, we dipped and decorated marshmellows as the bday girl has always wanted to! Each girl made their own bouquet of marshmellow joy!
Madysen had a great time! I can't believe my first baby is already 8! We love you very much Madysen! You are such an essential peice of our family and we couldn't do anything without you! You are a wonderful example to everyone, especially your little brothers! You are SUPER smart and of course adorable! Happy happy birthday sweet girl!

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