May 28, 2010

Playin Catch Up

Last weekend we had so much fun just hangin out as a family! We designated Friday as "Homemade Pizza Night". The kids had so much fun they wanna make it weekly tradition!
- - - - -
Judd had the most fun with the rolling pin.
The other two got really into it too!
- - - - -
Madysen figured out how to makes her pizza look like a heart and was THRILLED
We ate pizza till we were stuffed and there was still some left over!
We made ham, pineapple and olive pizza!
Saturday morning started early with soccer soccer soccer!
Coop played at 9:30 and Madysen at 9 so I only have pics of his!
- - - - -
This was Cooper's greatest game EVER
He scored 7 goals and was on fire. He was stealing the ball, driving it all the way from the opposing goal and scoring! It was amazing and he was more than proud!
Then it was trophy time. We didn't know any of the boys but they were so darling and learned to be great teammates!
Miss Madysen showing off her AYSO trophy!
Then it was off to the ward party!
- - - - -
All three kids wanted their faces painted. The YW had it all set up for them and they did a really good job!
- - - - -
Madysen asked for a butterfly...
Cooper wanted to be a pirate...
Judd got this super pirate job...
- - - - -
He wanted to just keep looking in the mirror to see how "sweet" he looked
We played volleyball, had a bbq, a bounce house, a fish pond, and a treat pool
Matt is such a not fair he has huge arms
We had so much fun!
It was so fun to be together just us again and to be busy having fun!
Hope you all had great weekends either!

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