May 13, 2010

**My Son Cooper**

I decided to make a quick list of 20 reasons I LOVE COOPER!!!
  1. His beautiful bright blue eyes
  2. He never misses a chance to give me a dandelion flower
  3. He likes to snuggle and watch movie with me
  4. He has the craziest hair that only sticks straight out
  5. He makes instant friends with anyone he meets
  6. He is sensitive
  7. He will try almost any food...once
  8. He is good at self entertaining
  9. He will squish spiders when his Dad is not home
  10. He thinks he is pretty amazing at any and all sports
  11. He potty trained at 2 in one day
  12. He was adorable to watch as the magic of Disneyland overtook him
  13. When I ask him a favor, his response is always "sure" ( love that answer)
  14. He eat carrots so he doesn't have to "be blindfolded with glasses" later in life (his words)
  15. He has the most infectious laugh
  16. Every Sunday he tells me he can't wait to be old enough to pass the sacrament
  17. He tells me a lunch as simple as chicken nuggets and string cheese is the best lunch EVER!!!
  18. He is convinced a Bandaid heals wounds instantly and is an immediate pain releiver
  19. He still likes to make Santa beards out of his bath bubbles
  20. He lights up whenever I come home and runs to give me a big hug!

You are truly my "son"shine Cooper! I love you very much!


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