May 12, 2010

Just a Lil Joggin

Today we went for a jog.
- - - - -
Funny thing about jogging…I have always longed to be a jogger. One simple reason really. People who run are always skinny. I can’t even remember not wanting to be a jogger really.
- - - - -
Matt and I are together because of my desire to be a jogger really. We met at Snow College in 1999-2000. I saw him and melted. A puddle on the floor. I would go to every basketball game just to look at him. I started to find out more about him as we (by Heavenly design) ended up being in 2 classes together second semester. He drove the tiniest car on the planet, a Ford Festiva. I would watch all around campus for the crazy, clown sized car and my heart would skip a beat whenever I saw it. One night I saw it parked at the institute building and had to find a reason to bump into him. I went home, threw on my running shoes, (knowing as a bball player he would admire my athleticism,) and went for a “jog”. Actually I just ran back and forth in front on the institute building until he came out and saw me. It was a 2 minute conversation, but worth it in the end. We have an eternal happy ending after all. This only fed my desire to become a real jogger as he clearly found out later that it was all a set up. Sorry babe
- - - - -
Life didn’t really set me up to be a jogger. There are a dozen women in my neighborhood going through pain and paying tons of money for boobs…BOOBS…the very thing that makes running so bloody hard for me. Well that and the burning…let’s not rehash that though. I have to wear 2-3 bras just to jog. Rough, but it is what it is.
- - - - -
So I am back on the bandwagon and we went running today. Not far, but hey I was out there. The boys were packed in the double jogger and we set off.
- - - - -
As a fun twist to our normal routine, we stopped off at the park. I sat in the double jogger while they played and just thought about how fast time is going with my kids. I love them all so much and I just enjoyed the moments of them playing happily in the sand. It was a fun morning.

Of course the first run down the slide, Judd landed in a huge puddle and had a very wet yucky bum.
He walked as best he could in a way his pants didn't touch his legs
Sad for him
Hilarious for any onlookers
Thankfully for us all, he got over it
Cooper said he wanted to try the monkey bars
I guess what I didn't understand is that really just meant he wanted me to carry him and he would move his hands.
Cooper loves to strike a pose for me
You'd think I take a lot of pictures or something
My lil Judd Bugs!
You are just so delicious I could kiss you all day!
Happy Wednesday Everyone!



michelle said...

Such a funny story! Now I am dying to know who is getting new boobs-I am so oblivious. I have the same problem thus I hate running too at least I blame the boobs. I have taken to roller blading with Josh to the park, it is more fun. We should go together sometime!

Leah said...

Fun times. Running with a stroller is much harder - I think. So June 19th... that is the day. I am signing up on friday. no turning back :) btw... cute boys.

Kristin said...

so cute. Look at those camera skills lady?!? Love them. Can't wait to take outside pictures again soon! Next time I am coming on the jog. I don't have boobs getting in the way...but I still can't manage to go more than a block without wanting to die. Sounds like we'll make pretty good partners:)