May 10, 2010

Part Two of Our Wonderful Day

After the baptism we went to Madysen's favorite restaurant of ALL time...Golden Corral. Something about this restaurant just CALLS to my kids. Probably the unlimited ice cream and gummy bears...but nonetheless
They each got a random toy when we arrived and Madysen sure enjoyed hers. Gotta love a good set of mustache glasses haha
Hannah and Madysen are very close cousins who adore each other
And naturally, with ALL the variety of food they offer, Grandpa is having...
Yup Chili
Oh Grandpa
Judd was enjoying his toy too haha
Silly boy
We were so lucky to have Leah's Mom there with us too. She is a very neat lady and it was wonderful of them to share her with us!
Here is (most of) the gang! We had to rent the room...that's how many people love ya Madysen!
Ash Justin and Kiki
Grandma and Grandpa Dazee were lucky enough to sit by James. He kept them very busy hehe
Nonna and Juddie have a very fun relationship
They both ADORE each other
My nephew James is just delicious.
Honestly he is the most adorable beautiful boy ever
And he has a TON of personality
Gotta love him :)
Madysen was lucky enough to receive a few special gifts for her day
All her grandparents went in on this beautiful picture of the Savior talking with a little girl
Mom and Dad gave her a set of her very own scriptures with her name on em
Uncle Brian and Aunt Leah gave you a great reminder to choose the right
You received a journal from your little brothers
Daddy captured this moment for me. Here is our little Madyen taking in the day. She has a very special relationship with the Savior already at such a young age.
This picture just melted my heart!
It was a joyous day Madysen. We hope you always remember every sweet moment and how amazing you felt this day! Love you baby girl!



Leah said...

So Cute. and thanks for the nice comments about James. He has changed so much just in the last few weeks. I think our kids are growing up too fast. and while that isn't all bad I would kind of like to slow it down just a little. :)

twometer2 said...
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Laura said...

I am so happy for you guys (especially Madysen) what a wonderful day. She looked to pretty. I love her dress btw.