May 4, 2010

Finishing the Drive In

Sunday morning started off with a simple breakfast at Carls Jr followed by dropping Mom off at the show. Then we headed for Anaheim! We were almost on the freeway before we lost Grandpa and Grandma! They didn't make a light behind us and were lost immediately. We couldn't pull over for a mile or two and they had given Mom their only cell phone. So we pulled over and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally we decided to just drive until we were away from the strip and pull over until they figured out a way to call us. So we said a little prayer and drove to the first exit off the strip. We pulled over by a gas station and nearly 1 minute later saw them driving towards us! I couldn't believe it! Three days, three unexplainable miracles! We quickly gave them a cell phone and headed for our Disneyland vacation!

_ _ _ _ _

We arrived in the early evening and decided to order pizza and hang by the pool. Mom flew in from Vegas that night and we watched a little television and went to bed to be rested for our first big day at Disney! Sadly, we didn't snap a single picture of day three haha

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